tempted to move into the country

A friend hosted a small cookout Monday night, at a place he rents south of town. It’s a simple one-bedroom on the second flor of a barn-like structure. There might have been a sculpture studio on the first floor.

We all ate on his porch, throwing a bone for his dog (who was also named Maggie), watching the mountains fade and the fireflies appear as the night approached.

It was’t too bad.

summer list: kayaking

The 2012 Summer List is still forming, and I’ve already checked two items off the list.

A friend and I went kayaking on Saturday morning at Beaver Creek Reservoir in Crozet. The air was cool, the sun was bright, the water was (mostly) calm, and it was absolutely delightful.

Who wants to go?

The first time I visited the Swannanoa mansion, it was the middle of the night. A car-full of friends had wanted to watch the stars from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we took a quick detour to see this crazy, run-down, potentially haunted palace. The stories we were told while driving up the narrow, winding driveway were creepy enough to keep me locked inside the car, but I was still hopeful that one of these days I’d make it back for one of their tours.

I spent a few hours on the property this spring, with some other photographers, setting up a styled shoot. The house is much less-scary in the daylight! Here are a few stories about the property. Does anyone want to visit with me on the 27th?