wine & wreath

When my friends Luke and Julia were planning their wedding last year, I met them at Rassawek Vineyard a few months before to help determine the ceremony location and event flow. Because the property is so extensive, and every building is SO COOL, we had a lot of tough choices to make. For proof, check out both of these links – their wedding photographs are insanely gorgeous, and I’m currently geeking out over the history of the property and buildings. Neither of those even tell you about the tiny one-bed cabins scattered around the water and the treehouse/fort/lookout with a ladder built into the tree trunk.

So when Julia asked if I wanted to join her at Rassawek for a wine tasting and wreath making workshop last December, it was a no-brainer.















Everything was provided – wreath frames, greenery, embellishments, wine and snacks. Everyone was having fun and helping each other! It was one of my favorite holiday events, sweetened because I went out to the property early to take some product shots of my quilts.

I’m unable to attend this year, but there are still a few tickets left for the December 6th event. If you go, let me know! I’d love to see what you make.

Pause for scenery.

Because it’s been a while, and because there are so many self-portraits up in here lately, and because I spent a day at Ash Lawn assisting a wedding photographer, here are some Spring in Virginia outtakes.









Wasn’t that lovely? Don’t you feel better? I know I do.

Best Decisions of 2013: CSA

Joining the Bellair Farm CSA was probably my first best decision of 2013. Our neighbors were members, and encouraged us to jump on board when we moved onto the street.

They went to the farm early on Saturday mornings, to entertain their toddler during the long, unstructured days of summer. I decided to join them on these adventures, and even kept up the Saturday morning ritual when they couldn’t go.

The farm was a great weekly ritual. I loved getting outside early in the morning, and starting my weekend with something productive, and bringing home so much delicious produce! I learned how to cook things I’d always been afraid to cook (more on that later), I always had a unique way to entertain out-of-town visitors, and I was constantly thankful to have access to delicious and abundant local and seasonal food.

upload Entering the farm!

Chicks! Then they brought a COW!!!

Leaving the farm! We found a sandbox!

Excitement at the farm! upload

The rest of our crew. Strawberries!

upload upload

Farm! Flowers!

thirty one

I started an existential blog post yesterday, filled with those birthday-related questions about whether or not I Have It Together yet, but then life happened.

This is what life looks like right now.


Another collaborative dinner with Barrie – we pulled all the foods out of the fridge that needed to be consumed, and threw together something magical. (This is becoming a trend. It’s one of my favorite trends of 2012.)

another collaborative dinner

While we were cooking, Katie went down the street to hold Ambrose. I told her to steal him and bring him over for dinner. SHE DID! (Concerned parents: fear not. His father was a few steps behind her, bringing a bouncy seat and pacifier, and telling us his bedtime was 9:30.)


We took turns dancing around the living room with the baby, singing to him and telling him how much he is loved.


I walked him home, and sat on the front porch with his parents, talking about my impending birthday, the absurdity of Having It Together.

Thirty one is going to be a very good year.