I’ve been feeling frustrated with myself, with the fact that I haven’t made any clothing in the last few weeks. But then I reviewed my latest version of the Infinite List and realized that I’ve made progress on many fronts.

1. Sleep shorts? MADE SOME. Made a lot, actually! Multiple copies of both the Salme Elastic Waist Shorts and the Lakeside Pajama Shorts. And I’ve been sleeping in them, rotating as I always do with pajamas. My absolute favorite pair, the ones I wish were never dirty, are the Salme version I made from an old set of pillowcases. I think the Salme pattern will be my winner – the one I return to for more versions of lounge shorts – but I might have to give my Lakeside one more try, in an equally soft cotton. Either way, I AM WINNING AT SLEEP RIGHT NOW.

2. Fitness shorts? I reviewed the swatches and color cards, and decided to commit to a few yards of a high-end compression fabric. It’s sitting at home, waiting to be cut into.

3. More Lady Skaters? It hasn’t happened yet, but I think my last two were impulse sewn, which means I’m just waiting for another impulse.

4. Pencil skirt? I haven’t made one yet, but I bought one with a gift card from the Gap, to tide me over. Wearing that has helped me to determine that I probably want a non-stretch pencil skirt (because it is both wrinkly and baggy by the end of the day, and I’d prefer just wrinkles).



I have no idea when I started making this, but it’s a bright green rayon, fully lined. The original intent was to add an elastic waist, like its dress twin, but after a few frustrating runs at the armhole finishing, I think I put this in time-out. It waited there, un-elasticized and un-hemmed, until one morning when I was motivated enough to HEM THIS DRESS AND THE LINING before work. Since that morning, I’ve worn it both belted and with a cardigan.

#bestfriendquilt 👍 #bestfriendquilt

Also, THIS HAPPENED. Or, if I’m honest it’s been happening for years, and I found myself approaching a significantly fun moment in the process. What that means is that a lot of my evening sewing time has been focused on quilting instead of garments.

And not just for one reason…

For everyone who asks how long it takes to make a quilt...(everyone)...I was able to stitch eleven of these blocks while watching M:I-3 tonight. There are 100 blocks on the quilt. #dothemath #thisiswhyidont Since it's finally cool enough to have a big quilt on my lap. #handstitched

Now that the nights are getting colder, I’m reminded that I don’t have a quilt large enough to drape over all sides of my bed. (They’re all closer to an Epic Throw size – large enough to cover a mattress but not hang over the sides.) This one was just waiting to be quilted and bound with no particular deadline. I decided on a simple hand-quilting design, and 100 stitched boxes later, it’s ready to be bound and washed and thrown onto my bed triumphantly! (Next time I plug in the sewing machine, this will probably be the reason.)

Hurricane Report

This past weekend, we drove to the coast to hang out with Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, we went far enough south that she was only threatening us from a distance. Two days filled with long walks on the beach, long naps, and non-stop eating. It was perfect, assuming you don’t mind cold and rainy walks on the beach.

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Driving back north, we were in the predicted path of the storm, so schools (and work for me) were closed for Monday and Tuesday. They were the most restful and productive days I’ve had in a LONG time – I made lentil soup, two pie crusts, prepped another savory apple pie to cook tonight, finally finished organizing and cleaning my room, took sweaters to the dry cleaner, finished a quilt top AND made two more throw pillows!

Oh, and there was a Hurricane Sleepover on Monday night. WINNING!

[the summer list]

I live by to-do lists. Most days at work, I keep a tally of everything that needs to be accomplished in the evening. I’ve also toyed with the idea of pinning craft paper to my bedroom wall so that I could have a big brainstorming/daydreaming board for business/creative endeavors.

But the most important – and often most neglected – list is below.


Summer flies by, especially when I’m working full-time and shooting weddings on weekends. In order to ensure I don’t miss out on all that summer has to offer, I’ve made The Summer List.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

discovering new music

1. Start here:

2. Download all of the tracks. (They change every day.)

3. Listen to them, flagging those which strike your fancy.

4. Research the flagged artists – mine today were Motopony, N.E.R.D. (warning: autoplays music), and Tame Impala.

5. Don’t forget Wikipedia, for tidbits like this: “The economy sucks, girls are still beautiful. We wanted to make music that reflected that.” -Pharrell Williams

6. Listen to more on myspace, grooveshark, whatever new-fangled music streaming application you happen to have discovered.

7. Follow your heart.


Tomorrow is a holiday for UVA employees, and I can’t even describe how delightful it feels to know that I can sleep in tomorrow. Somehow, a legitimate three-day weekend that doesn’t use one of your sick/vacation days and that isn’t given to the rest of the world has filled my heart with song.

I have no goals for tomorrow, and can’t decide whether to set any.

If I do, they will come from this list:
-sew that navy knit dress, because the weather is almost nice enough to wear it
-wine tasting
-finally take all that stuff in my trunk to Goodwill
-cook something delicious
-dance around my living room for an extended period of time