Vacation Report!

My parents wisely decided to re-instate the family beach vacation this year. Mostly, this was an excuse for all of us to fight over my 3-year-old nephew Ben.



We were in Fort Morgan, AL which is just west of Gulf Shores.


We spent lots of time in the ocean.


(Some less than others.)


I read MANY books! You’ll find out how many in the coming days.


We played in the sand.


We played in the pool.


Sometimes it rained.


watching the storm

We sat on the porch and watched the storms.


We blew bubbles.


Lots of bubbles!


(We had to buy more bubbles mid-way through the week.)


There was jumping on Pop Pop.


Games with Dad.


The occasional Time Out. (I die!)




A TREASURE HUNT with “the girls” (our cousins).


A visit to an Estuarium.


It was basically the Best Week Ever. Thanks, Bob and Dee, for making this happen!

tempted to move into the country

A friend hosted a small cookout Monday night, at a place he rents south of town. It’s a simple one-bedroom on the second flor of a barn-like structure. There might have been a sculpture studio on the first floor.

We all ate on his porch, throwing a bone for his dog (who was also named Maggie), watching the mountains fade and the fireflies appear as the night approached.

It was’t too bad.

summer list: kayaking

The 2012 Summer List is still forming, and I’ve already checked two items off the list.

A friend and I went kayaking on Saturday morning at Beaver Creek Reservoir in Crozet. The air was cool, the sun was bright, the water was (mostly) calm, and it was absolutely delightful.

[the summer list] #1 and #2 – squish my toes in the mud & hike in the rain

The worst (best?) thing about this summer list, is that once I check off an item, I want to repeat it.

Which would explain why I went tubing again last week (no photos of my own to share) and will probably go at least once more before summer ends.

This weekend, I did something that I *thought* was on the list – finding a swimming hole at Sugar Hollow – but it turns out I broke that down to a few simpler elements that often occur while I’m out there. I might have been cheating – attempting to both make the list longer and check off multiple lines with one excursion.

I’m rambling. Let’s look at some photos of the swimming hole.


The water was perfectly chilled – shocking when you first step in, but slowly numbs your body until you forget how hot the air is above you.

And the view wasn’t so bad either.


To continue the cheating theme, there wasn’t much mud for squishing. What did happen is that a friend and I played with slimy moss covered rocks. We were picking them up from the bottom of the pool and throwing them toward the edge in an attempt to make the pool deeper. (Or maybe we were just trying to keep ourselves entertained.)

And, if I’m honest, it didn’t rain on us. It threatened to rain, and we waited at the swimming hole for the storm to hit, so that we’d have the opportunity to hike back in it. But instead of a storm, approximately three thousand families of small children arrived at the same time, and since the water levels are so low, we didn’t all fit in the water together.

We hiked back to our cars and made it to a local winery in time for a quick tasting and to purchase some white wine and rose for what I hope is next on the list – a picnic of fried chicken and wine.

Who wants to join me?