a list

-February was a quiet month, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s always a quiet month for me.

-I’m thankful for DST, and for the possibility of making it to the grocery store after work on a weekday. (Since I try to avoid driving in the dark, this was a big winter problem.)



-Have you marked your calendar yet? April 5th is my quilt show, and I’ve finished three quilts already. (One is a full-day’s work away from being finished. Another is a string of evenings on the couch (hand quilting) and then a full-day of finishing. We’ll see how many end up at the show.)

-I’m already dreaming up the next set of complicated quilts I start making once this show is over. (The quilts I made this past year were a bit simpler, since I had a specific deadline in mind.)

-My March goal is to start journaling more regularly again, particularly to make some lists for myself. When I don’t make lists, I don’t really accomplish things. Particularly when they are things I don’t want to accomplish – things like scheduling an appointment with a regional corneal specialist. (There. I said it out loud.)

-After posting those book reviews, I remembered two other books that I read this past month. No photos or haikus to show for them. Yet.


State of the Blahg: 2013

I seem to have found a manageable blogging rhythm, with a nearly-consistent weekly list of links, with book reports showing up whenever I finish a book finally write a hiaku about each finished book, and with photo posts whenever the mood strikes.

Oddly, and accurately representing my life, once I find a manageable rhythm, I tend to get completely bored. It’s like I’m so used to fighting for balance, I don’t know what to do in those rare moments when it appears.

So, in that light, here are a few Blogging Resolutions for the coming year:

1. More stories about sewing and quilting.
-Considering the upcoming quilt show and the newly-created tumblr, this will happen quite seamlessly. (Unintended pun.)
-I’ve directly inspired two friends to pick up quilting, and would love to increase that number!

2. Start some conversations about natural beauty products.
-Confession: I’ve been shampoo-free for 3 or 4 years (wow – I didn’t realize it’s been that long), and I’ve been moving toward a full arsenal of clean/organic/vegan skincare for the past 2 years.
-There has been a LOT of trial and error, and it’s still a definite work in progress, but I probably have some information to share, and could benefit from your feedback as well.

3. Talk about my double vision.
-It’s tough to talk about it without veering into bitterness or forcing the conversation to a place of false optimism, so this will be a definite learning process for me.
-Particularly, I think it would be good to have a more concrete record of my symptoms and the diagnosis process, and to have a place where others can ask/answer questions with me.

Disclaimer: This is merely a picture of what’s already on my mind, and what I will encourage myself to write about if/when I find spare moments and motivation for blogging. Thankfully, I have no epic blog following or any responsibility to produce content. I will feel no guilt or shame if nothing new happens on the blog in 2013.

Dear Internet

I want to tell you so many stories right now, about so many different things, but it’s that time of the year when my office job kicks into high gear, and somehow I am moving this coming week, and also there’s this whole non-profit that I’ve helped start which is picking up speed and needs some serious attention, and I’m running off to the beach for Labor Day weekend, which seems so far away yet also PRACTICALLY NEXT WEEK, and why does white wine go bad so quickly? I can never drink it all, which feels so futile.

Here’s what I made for dinner last night.


Reasons why this is awesome:
-I’d been afraid to grill un-assisted before this.
-First time cooking fresh fish. (Though props to my friend, who made the marinade.)
-The entire meal was spontaneous.

And here are some flowers.


They just made me happy.

How is your life this week?

we need to talk

talk about my hair

I’m excited about this photo. Don’t I look so official? And like I’m about to write some editorial for a magazine?

Well, I’m not. You know it’s all lists and ramblings up in here.


The next time you see me – unless you run into me tonight, or tomorrow morning when I’m getting some coffee (would you stop stalking me already?) – my hair will be EIGHT INCHES SHORTER!

I know.

1. I love a drastic change! Everyone exclaims!
2. When my hair is long, I worry about dating guys who are obsessed with long hair and who will freak out if I cut it. (Stay away from me, guys who are obsessed with long hair!)
3. I wanted to see how long it would grow. And now I have. So…that’s something.
4. My hair looks MUCH better than I expected it would. It’s lovely, but I don’t really love it.
5. There are only two or three inches of guaranteed awesome curl with my hair, and they tend to be at the ends. So right now those awesome curls are hanging above my chest, instead of framing my face. (My eyes are up here, you know.)
6. I still consider myself to be a short-hair person, and want to get back to that.
7. Cutting eight inches means I’ll get to donate my hair!
8. Based on my calculations, losing eight inches will still keep my hair chin-length or longer.
9. I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH MORE FREE TIME! No more brushing my hair obsessively, or deep-conditioning it so the ends look healthy, or reaching halfway down my back to rinse my hair, or cautiously flipping and scrunching my hair after the shower, or walking to work with hair that is still basically dripping wet…
10. My hair is going to look like this again:


There were so many more of these. I am sparing you. Just know that I’m looking forward to more good hair days.

June Report

What have I been up to? Let’s see if I can remember…

A few weeks ago, I started my summer house-sitting gig. They told me I could eat anything in the fridge, which turned out to be a pretty sweet haul. I’d like to think they purchased this Miller High Life (the Champagne of beers, you know) just for me.


They also told me to cut from their hydrangea bush as often as I’d like.

In response to their hospitality, I’ve filled their house with boxes.

boxes everywhere

So, that’s one other thing I’ve been up to this month – boxing up and moving everything I own. It’s not my favorite of tasks, but I’ve been compulsive dedicated. This weekend will bring the last haul – larger pieces of furniture, the last boxes.

I’ve made a few other additions to their house. The den has been converted into my craft room.

I bought some new fabric to celebrate!

(I’ll probably stare at those stacks for a good long while before breaking into them.)

This past week, I caught the flu! It was very exciting, since I rarely have fevers. I was wandering around the house looking so pitiful, you’d think I had a Man Cold.


A friend brought me soup, crackers, medicine, and a copy of US Weekly! I thought I was too classy for tabloids, but I read that article about the secrets of Wills & Kate’s marriage the moment she left. In slightly (only slightly) less sensational reading, I’m nearly halfway through Les Miserables.

When I wasn’t moping in bed, I was watching Netflix and crafting. I’ve hit my stride again with the cathedral window quilt.

three blocks

Oh, and one other thing I accomplished this month? Launching a TimeBank.