Nalle30 Days Ten and Eleven

Let’s see….


Breakfast. This was delightful, and the stuffing tasted like candy! (It has celery and carrots and DATES along with sausage and nuts.)

I ate two lunches on Wednesday, which makes me think that stuffed apple wasn’t quite filling enough. Thankfully, I had an extra lunch on hand.

Lunch One was a salad with strawberries, almonds, avocado, and chicken.

Lunch Two was this:


It was a combo of this and this, with mint from our garden and dill shrimp.

Then…I started feeling sick. I left work early and spent the next day and a half in bed. I was exhausted and felt a bit feverish, but the biggest complaints were what I’d call a sour stomach (lots of indigestion, hunger, but food never sat well) and some major pain in my sinuses.

I’m not sure whether to attribute this to Nalle30. It could be a “carb flu,” but feels too late in the game for that.

I’d optimistically stopped taking daily allergy meds earlier in the week, which turned out to be a poor choice. I was also a bit brazenly eating foods that I’ve been mildly allergic to in the past (peaches, strawberries).

Or, it could have been completely unrelated to my food choices – I volunteered in the 1-year-old nursery on Sunday, and could have caught something from all those hugs!

There are no pictures of our food from Thursday, but I promise you it was all delicious.

Breakfast: frittata with broccoli and ground beef.

Lunch: Ina’s gazpacho with local chorizo.

Dinner: baked sweet potatoes and garlic-rosemary steak.

Nalle30 Day Nine Report

I have a standing date to run with a friend on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Last week, I ditched on Thursday, because I had been hit by some major fatigue. By Day 9, I knew my energy would be higher, so I kept the scheduled run.

Except, I wasn’t really prepared for how differently my body is functioning, energy-wise. I kept having to slow down, or walk, and I had to shorten the route significantly! It felt like my legs had no strength, and there was no power coming from my core, and I probably got light-headed along the way. (Moments of light-headed-ness have become a regular occurrence in Nalle30. I just hold on, let them pass, and then have more water or a snack.)

Before Nalle30, I’d roll out of bed at 6:15 for a 6:30 run, which would give me enough time to pee, throw on some clothes, and drink a glass of water. I had plenty of energy for the half hour run, and would return home for some more water, perhaps a piece of fruit, and then I’d shower and eat breakfast.

Apparently, the new schedule needs to be different. I’ll have to wake up earlier and eat breakfast. I might also drink a few sips of coffee, to jump-start my system. And then, after the run, a second breakfast? (The book has instructions for powering extreme activity with extra food, but I never thought a short run would fall under that category.)

Breakfast: a HUGE portion of leftover sweet potato hash.

Lunch: I ate out, at Boylan Heights, which was a pretty big deal for me. I love a cheeseburger, and with their make-your-own burger menu, I’ve found my favorite combination ever (cheddar cheese, english muffin instead of a bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo). The staff at Boylan probably know me, because I eat there at least once a week, usually by myself, reading a book. I worried that a burger, without cheese, would be a disappointing and sad food experience. But, after success at Chipotle, I decided to attempt it, and my burger in a bowl (on a bed of lettuce) with mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and sautéed onions, and a dijon vinaigrette.

Dinner: Curried flounder and bok choy, back by popular demand! We also had some roasted carrots.

Late night snack: While watching the Vegas auditions for So You Think You Can Dance, I was craving something sweet. Thankfully, Barrie was making our breakfast, and there was some leftover stuffing (which I don’t have a link to, but will share soon because IT WAS SO DELICIOUS). I snuck a few bites while she was on the phone, and then, once I had her permission, I ate a whole bowlful.


Nalle30 Day Eight Report

It was a rainy day and a Monday. I woke up grumpy and hungry. Breakfast helped a bit, but I was still tired, in my BONES. Walking to work was an effort.

Coffee helped, and eventually my mood improved as I found some work to keep me energized.

For lunch, we ate some rump roast that I’d slow cooked on Sunday. I missed one step in the instructions – the step that would have essentially seared the meat – so I was highly critical of the dish, and worried that it would be dry and flavorless. Thankfully, we all loved it. Even me. (Though I still maintain that it can be better. I will sear that meat next time!)

Lunch #latergram Some more lunch! #latergram

Recipe for the meat here, though I didn’t have salsa or fish sauce, so I added extra chicken stock and chili powder.

We also ate more Lorish lettuce, with avocado, pecans, and some balsamic viniagrette.

For dinner, we ate some slow-cooked chicken, roasted broccoli, and steamed carrots.

Nalle30 Day Seven Report

Day 7 started strong – I woke up with lots of energy, ate a big breakfast, had some cold brew coffee before church, and was scheduled for nursery duty with the 1-year-olds. (Nothing improves my mood like giving hugs and high-fives to wobbly toddlers.)

I realized how much more difficult it is to stick to this challenge when meals aren’t pre-planned, and shamelessly went to Chipotle for the second day in a row.


Bam! (I asked for extra meat this time.) My hunger was INTENSE! I’m so thankful for this fast food option.

We spent the afternoon preparing meals for Monday, which was a bit torturous, being surrounded by delicious food smells, knowing none of it was for immediate consumption. (I finally realized why my room always smells like food – the intake vent for our climate control is next to the kitchen. Imagine me, sitting on my bed, trying to resist cravings, while regularly inundated with bursts of chicken-stock flavored air.)

The cravings. They have come.

I went to a 1-year birthday party, and spent the whole time avoiding the strawberry shortcake and beer. The hosts graciously had some unsweetened strawberries and raw veggies I could eat, and those fresh-picked sugar snap peas were delicious…but they’re no homemade shortbread.

After the party, I had a long, unscheduled evening, and I knew the boredom would lead to many cravings. There were many near-tearful moment of opening the cupboard or freezer (WHY DO WE HAVE LEFTOVER ICE CREAM?), staring longingly at something sweet, and then refilling my water glass.

The thing was, I could tell I wasn’t hungry. My stomach was full. A bit too full, probably from that Chipotle, and overindulging in strawberries. But I FELT empty. I feel it now, as I’m attempting to describe it – this sad, mournful emptiness in my throat. YOU GUYS THESE CRAVINGS ARE NO JOKE!

I ate the last of the chicken salad for dinner, and was thankful for the freshness and sweetness of our neighbors’ lettuce. And then I went to bed early, hoping I’d dream about eating ice cream. (If I did, I don’t remember it.)

Nalle30 Day Six Report

I woke up at 6am with a TON of energy! Based on the timeline, I expected to be exhausted.

While everyone else was sleeping (my favorite time to get things done), I cleaned my room, stripped my bed, and washed the sheets and quilts. I hunted for dust bunnies!

After planning meals with Barrie – who is taking the lead for this next week – I went to the CSA farm and picked strawberries in the rain. Our haul this week was bok choy, baby bok choy (we’re making that pan-fried curry fish meal again), gorgeous purple kale, swiss chard (SO DELICIOUS!), fennel, cilantro, and…I can’t remember.

Which brings me to one symptom that has been hilarious – when I don’t eat every 3-4 hours, I get hungry. So hungry that my brain basically shuts down, and there is no possibility of forming words longer than two syllables. Katie and I went out for Chipotle last night (the Whole30 Approved meal there is drastically different from my normal burrito, but SO DELICIOUS I COULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT), and on the drive home, with our food, we could only laugh at our inability to form sentences. Yet again, I’m thankful to be doing this with my housemates.


Here was my lunch. Adding extra olive oil and vinegar (and removing the big chunks of dry white meat from that rotisserie chicken) helped make the chicken salad more palatable.


Here was my post-lunch quilting. (Hey guys! Remember when this used to be a craft blog?)

Great evening at the Blue Ridge Swim Club. #latergram ChipOMGtle! #nalle30

Chipotle order: salad with black beans (not Whole30 approved, but allowed on Nalle30), carnitas, peppers and onions, salsa, and guac. It was epic! I ate the whole thing.

Bonus photo from the Blue Ridge Swim Club, where some friends were playing music and some other friends floated with me in the water.