Dear Internet

I want to tell you so many stories right now, about so many different things, but it’s that time of the year when my office job kicks into high gear, and somehow I am moving this coming week, and also there’s this whole non-profit that I’ve helped start which is picking up speed and needs some serious attention, and I’m running off to the beach for Labor Day weekend, which seems so far away yet also PRACTICALLY NEXT WEEK, and why does white wine go bad so quickly? I can never drink it all, which feels so futile.

Here’s what I made for dinner last night.


Reasons why this is awesome:
-I’d been afraid to grill un-assisted before this.
-First time cooking fresh fish. (Though props to my friend, who made the marinade.)
-The entire meal was spontaneous.

And here are some flowers.


They just made me happy.

How is your life this week?

signs of growth, the dating version

Sunday late afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

(I chose a romantic-looking photo for this one. Bow chicka wow-wow.)

A few nights ago, Emily and I were finally updating each other on our respective lives. Specifically, the hits and misses of dating/relating.

As I finished one harrowing tale*, she said**, “Wow. You would not have been able to shake that off so quickly two years ago.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You’re being so rational about it! You used to OBSESS over guys!”

“Yeah, I did. That was exhausting.”

“It was terrifying.”

“Yeah, it was. Praise God I’m not that person anymore!”

I’m going to stop here, because this area of my life is filled with so many distinct signs of growth, and I really am thankful that I’m no longer the terrifyingly obsessive type. It really was exhausting!


*Tales are always either harrowing or victorious – my life, retold, is pure melodrama.
**Remember what I said about melodrama? Add to that a disclaimer that I’m prone to conflation, confabulation, and misquotation.

signs of growth

I asked a friend this morning what her New Month Resolution was. She didn’t have one. Neither did I.

But then I thought about it a bit, and realized that I have noticed many signs of personal growth that could be celebrated. Not that I think I have it all figured out – not by a longshot – but it’s good to affirm growth, in children, in plants, and in full-fledged adults. Celebrating growth is a way to remind ourselves that progress is always an option. Always. No matter how old or stubborn or scared we might be.

And since I don’t like a blog series without visual aids, I’m going to pull photos from my flicker stream that have been tagged “bloominginmarch.” Get it?

Sign of Growth:
Somebody asked me a question. I didn’t know the answer. I responded with, “I don’t know.”

Crazy, right?

What I didn’t say:
-“I don’t know. I’m so sorry!”
-“I don’t know, but let me google that for you.”
-(nothing, while I frantically search for an answer because, if this person asked ME about this thing, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS THING!!)

That, my friends, is a sign of growth.