I’m noticing a theme.

Occasionally, a movie arrives from my Netflix queue which is intentionally ignored.  For weeks at a time, while I burn through television seasons, action movies, and chick flicks, this one movie will be overlooked – nearly avoided.

I like to call them serious movies.  Though, another good name would be movies that make me feel things.

Bella is the most recent incarnation of that movie, and I am somewhat stunned after watching it.  It was the most simple and most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen.

Someone once recommended playing surfer documentaries in the background of a party to set the mood, and I have always kept that in my mind as a simple way to be ridiculously cool.  I think, if I ever through a party and want to be ridiculously sophisticated, I will play Bella in the background.  Though, it might be sort of strange if I start crying about 75 minutes into the party.

she’s not real

I just saw this movie about a guy who falls in love with a blow-up doll.

And you’re immediately thinking, is it another American Pie sequel? Or one of those crazy Judd Apatow ideas? It’s not. It’s not crass at all. It’s not like Weekend at Bernie’s either, or one of those psychological head-trippy movies where you don’t know what’s going on until the very last scene.

It’s about a guy. Who falls in love with a blow-up doll. And the town who loves him still.

And, oh my goodness, just thinking about it again makes my heart expand and my tears well up (though, that might be the onions I had to chop earlier this evening…the tears at least…not the expanding heart).

I don’t want to give away too much of the story – not that it’s full of shocking revelations or anything, but because it’s all so much more emotional when you have no idea what to expect – but I know that NOBODY is going to willingly suggest “that movie about the guy and the blow-up doll” without a bit of support.

So it’s about this guy in his late 20s (Ryan Gosling), who is basically normal – he has a job; he goes to church; he’s on good terms with everyone in his small town. He seems to be prohibitively shy – he lives in the garage, even though he has joint ownership of a house with his brother. In an early scene, his sister-in-law jumps out in front of his car in an effort to convince him to join them for dinner. She’s pregnant at the time – she’s pregnant through the whole movie – which is so sweet and hilarious.

Like the movie.

He orders this woman through the mail. And he introduces her to his family. And brings her to church. Then she accompanies him to a holiday party, and to the mall, and before you know it the entire town knows about his girlfriend. And accepts them.

So the movie is about this town, and the ways they gently bear with him through this delusion, and the ways they all learn and grow as a result of it. And seriously, it’s the most wonderful movie I’ve seen in a long time.

So y’all need to rent Lars and the Real Girl PRONTO, so that we can discuss everything that happened, and how it should probably change our lives.

Why I don’t leave the house anymore.

Every time I leave the house, I spend money.

This may not be *entirely* true, but during the cold, depressed, introverted months of winter (which needs to end, pronto) that is yet another excuse for the hours that I spend alone in my apartment.

Today, it was GORGEOUS outside, and I decided to go for a walk! I brought my camera! With exercise and artistic pursuits, I would be far too busy to spend any money, right?

But then I walked into a fabric shop.

They’re having a sale right now, and I had already been in there THREE TIMES this year and not bought anything. I was just invited to a wedding in April, and I have been really good about not buying anything frivolous (this sweatshirt, the one I have worn for the past five days straight, was *not* a frivolous purchase), so as I wandered the rooms full of fabric, I set my mind on a new dress.

There were some beautiful polyester fabrics in coral and peacock that I had noticed every visit, but they still didn’t wow me.

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