adventures in the kitchen

The savory apple pie.









it was magical


I was driving an apple pie to a dinner party, starving, smelling this crust that has converted many a non-pie eater, and wishing I could pull over to the side of the road and eat the pie for dinner.

Because apple pie for dinner would be the BEST THING EVER, right?

So I started adding ingredients in my head. Sausage was an obvious choice.  Potatoes to pick up some of the apple slack seemed like a good idea. An onion was thrown in last-minute, to increase the savory flavor. I used the same apple pie spices, a decision which I obsessed over. And, at the end, I sliced some sharp cheddar and placed it on each slice.

My dinner guests – brave, crazy, delightful people who posed awkwardly for photos at the dinner table – were generous with the praise.

The concept is a win, but I’m going to make some changes for the next pie: replace the italian sausage I used for chorizo (an earthier, darker flavor will add a stronger bottom note to the flavors), caramelize the onions (again, for depth of flavor, and also to give the pie some more stickiness), and either cut the potatoes or extend the baking time to accommodate their stubbornness.

Who wants to help me eat the next attempt?

discovering new music

1. Start here:

2. Download all of the tracks. (They change every day.)

3. Listen to them, flagging those which strike your fancy.

4. Research the flagged artists – mine today were Motopony, N.E.R.D. (warning: autoplays music), and Tame Impala.

5. Don’t forget Wikipedia, for tidbits like this: “The economy sucks, girls are still beautiful. We wanted to make music that reflected that.” -Pharrell Williams

6. Listen to more on myspace, grooveshark, whatever new-fangled music streaming application you happen to have discovered.

7. Follow your heart.

I am so confused right now.

Anna Paquin. Where did she come from? Why do I feel like she’s been around since my childhood, and yet…nope.

Looking at her history, the first thing I would have seen her in is X-Men. Which, okay, yeah, I definitely remember her from that, but nothing earlier?

How did I get her confused with Anna Chlumsky? And why did I think she was in Now and Then? SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE ANY OF THOSE GIRLS!

Seriously, y’all. This is the type of thing that will keep me up at nights.

Adventures in Wikipedia Land

Last night, I was watching The Duchess on Netflix Instant (best business model EVER), and two thoughts kept bouncing around in my head.

The first: “How historically accurate is this?”

I should confess that history often bores me unless it’s presented in the form of a compelling narrative – most of my Civil War knowledge comes from either Gone With the Wind or the North and South trilogy – so I’m trying to discern where the line between information and entertainment is running throughout the story.

It turns out the movie is based on a biography which was edited from a doctoral thesis (at Oxford, natch) by Amanda Foreman, who wrote an intriguing article when the movie came out comparing Foreman’s perception of Georgiana when she was in her 20s (and wrote the biography) to her perception seven years later as a mother.

And now I want to read all of this author’s thoughts, and am entirely distracted in this curiosity, and haven’t even made it to the intended meat of this blog post.  So we’ll save the second movie-related observation for another day.  (Or, if we’re realistic in our expecations, it’ll float around in my brain space for a while, and then disappear into the ether.)

many songs in my head

Today was entertaining for many reasons, but I think the common thread is that I love interacting with people – and I love unexpected conversations.*

I also love laughing. And silliness. And laughing at MY silliness. And then telling many many MANY stories of Dumb Things I Did. It’s been a while since I’ve given myself permission to share stories like that. Perhaps the less-edited life is better for me.

*To clarify: I do NOT love surprises. Or being blindfolded. I feel the need to state both of those, for the record, as often as possible.