48 books finished in 2017: Parable of the Talents

48 books finished in 2017

Oh man. This book is fearless in its description of people (frequently men) who use religion for selfish aims. BRUTAL.

And the story apart from that is fascinating as well. I am sad that the third in this trilogy was never finished, because I suspect it would have jumped forward multiple generations, and I love when Butler does that. She’s such a great world-builder!


44 books finished in 2017: Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

44 books finished in 2017

This book was wonderful, but also had a lot of heaviness. Cancer. Divorce. Anger. Fear. I think I pushed myself to read it through the night because I wanted to get to the end of all the intensity. BUT it was very honest and funny and hopeful and the conflicts seemed true to life. (Okay there was a romantic-comedy theme as well, but enough characters were messy/real enough that I WAS NOT MAD about the happy ending.)