47 books finished in 2017: Parable of the Sower

47 books finished in 2017

This was such a fascinating dystopian novel. I really enjoyed it, and love what it set up for the next one in the series.


46 books finished in 2017: Maude Martha

46 books finished in 2017

This is probably a book that benefits from close reading, or a discussion section. It failed to leave a huge impact, though I may have also been distracted by the number of notes left by students in the margins (and my suspicions that they were noticing the wrong things).


44 books finished in 2017: Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

44 books finished in 2017

This book was wonderful, but also had a lot of heaviness. Cancer. Divorce. Anger. Fear. I think I pushed myself to read it through the night because I wanted to get to the end of all the intensity. BUT it was very honest and funny and hopeful and the conflicts seemed true to life. (Okay there was a romantic-comedy theme as well, but enough characters were messy/real enough that I WAS NOT MAD about the happy ending.)


43 books finished in 2017: Mrs Saint and the Defectives

43 books finished in 2017

This book was adorable. It had a bossy French lady and a stubborn single mom. And a lot of other complex, sympathetic characters.

I read it on the plane, and found it on my kindle, so I’m guessing it was one of those free books offered at the beginning of the month through Amazon. (Does everyone else know about these? They offer you the option to take one of six free ebooks at the beginning of each month. I think they’re frequently new releases or pre-releases.)