a list

-February was a quiet month, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s always a quiet month for me.

-I’m thankful for DST, and for the possibility of making it to the grocery store after work on a weekday. (Since I try to avoid driving in the dark, this was a big winter problem.)



-Have you marked your calendar yet? April 5th is my quilt show, and I’ve finished three quilts already. (One is a full-day’s work away from being finished. Another is a string of evenings on the couch (hand quilting) and then a full-day of finishing. We’ll see how many end up at the show.)

-I’m already dreaming up the next set of complicated quilts I start making once this show is over. (The quilts I made this past year were a bit simpler, since I had a specific deadline in mind.)

-My March goal is to start journaling more regularly again, particularly to make some lists for myself. When I don’t make lists, I don’t really accomplish things. Particularly when they are things I don’t want to accomplish – things like scheduling an appointment with a regional corneal specialist. (There. I said it out loud.)

-After posting those book reviews, I remembered two other books that I read this past month. No photos or haikus to show for them. Yet.


June Report

What have I been up to? Let’s see if I can remember…

A few weeks ago, I started my summer house-sitting gig. They told me I could eat anything in the fridge, which turned out to be a pretty sweet haul. I’d like to think they purchased this Miller High Life (the Champagne of beers, you know) just for me.


They also told me to cut from their hydrangea bush as often as I’d like.

In response to their hospitality, I’ve filled their house with boxes.

boxes everywhere

So, that’s one other thing I’ve been up to this month – boxing up and moving everything I own. It’s not my favorite of tasks, but I’ve been compulsive dedicated. This weekend will bring the last haul – larger pieces of furniture, the last boxes.

I’ve made a few other additions to their house. The den has been converted into my craft room.

I bought some new fabric to celebrate!

(I’ll probably stare at those stacks for a good long while before breaking into them.)

This past week, I caught the flu! It was very exciting, since I rarely have fevers. I was wandering around the house looking so pitiful, you’d think I had a Man Cold.


A friend brought me soup, crackers, medicine, and a copy of US Weekly! I thought I was too classy for tabloids, but I read that article about the secrets of Wills & Kate’s marriage the moment she left. In slightly (only slightly) less sensational reading, I’m nearly halfway through Les Miserables.

When I wasn’t moping in bed, I was watching Netflix and crafting. I’ve hit my stride again with the cathedral window quilt.

three blocks

Oh, and one other thing I accomplished this month? Launching a TimeBank.

The Paint Chip Quilt

I thought this was my second quilt project, but forgot to include The Benjamin Quilt, which was technically my VERY FIRST QUILT COMPLETED! The thing with baby quilts is that I pull them together, send them off with much love, and completely forget about them.

This, my third quilt top, came together MUCH more quickly than The Hex Quilt.

June 9, 2010: I order a kona cotton spectrum pack and need to play with colors IMMEDIATELY!

June 9, 2010: Sampling different arrangements. (There was a lot of this.)

June 10, 2010: Starting to piece it all together.

June 11, 2010: Continuing to piece it all together.

June 11, 2010: Even I’m amazed by how quickly this happened.

June 13, 2010: Finished quilt top, on display!

At which point I set it aside, hoping to finish The Hex Quilt before picking it up again. While time passed, I discovered my distaste for machine-quilting, and made a new friend who offered to teach me how to hand-quilt (in exchange, I taught her english paper piecing) – I liked the idea of incredibly random quilting lines paired with this boxy, structured arrangement of colors.

January 2011: Learning to hand-quilt.

I can't stop staring.
January 2011: quilting, quilting, quilting (this always takes more time than expected)


February 2012: On display at The Shuckster!


surrounding myself with beauty

“I love the way you make everything around you beautiful.”

A random comment from my housemate, Emma. One of the highest compliments.

I value beauty, and try to cultivate an eye for it, to surround myself with beautiful things, to bring loveliness to the mundane.

Speaking of mundane, here’s my collection of journals. I go through them at an irregular rate, anywhere from three to fifteen months. The most recent is on top, and I love seeing the progression – it’s almost like you can see the ways I’ve mellowed out in the past few years.