Flash forward.

How does this work? We flash forward in time and don’t bother with the “previously on” introduction. We just show the new world and expect the audience is intelligent enough to piece it all together.

My husband has been on a video call with one of his closest friends for the past 2 hours. I can hear them talking and laughing, and I know this is good for his soul. When I went downstairs to make some toast (using bread he made from an old family recipe) I heard them discussing the theological, historical, and literary references in Perelandra.

Mondays are the hardest. Today was overcast so my internal monologue definitely started repeating the whiny intro drone of that Carpenters song.

I think I know one reason why it’s so hard – it USED to be re-entry. Returning to the grind, to the work, having to put on real clothes and pack a lunch and figure out how to tackle a new week. But now, I think what’s difficult for me is that every day feels mostly the same. I am working, from home, and am so thankful for the job. But I can roll out of bed, unwashed, unkempt, and just start the work by walking a few feet.

We’re bringing home a puppy next month, and we’re both reading a few dog books so we can be on the same page. Honestly, I think the puppy’s need for structure is going to be good for me. With no good reason to clean off the dining room table (nobody’s coming over) or put on real clothes…or, if I’m honest, to take a shower…we’re just aimless.

So here we are. Perhaps some processing in this space will give me some direction. Perhaps it won’t. Let’s find out!

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