35 books finished in 2017: Loving the Stranger

35 books finished in 2017

We have a fledgling refugee ministry at our church – we’ve mostly been doing a lot of learning and listening, discovering what resources already exist in our community (SO MANY) and also trying to learn what it might look like for us to support/enhance some of this work. But also, we’re having a lot of conversations about, you know, spending actual time with refugees. (Which can sometimes be the crucial piece that is often left out of the brainstorming and structure-building, etc.)

The staff member in charge of this group brought a pile of books that had been recommended to him, and asked people to read and report back. I’ve already finished one, and this is the second I picked up.

This is the ideal book for any Christian who’s interested in caring for refugees but feeling really intimidated. It’s super-practical (“Here are suggested topics of conversation for getting to know someone from another culture.”) and very warm and encouraging – and she starts the book with “This is what the Bible says about caring for strangers, and here are some verses explaining God’s heart for them.”

Since it’s such an easy read and so practical, I strongly recommend it to anyone who cares about this topic.

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