27 books finished in 2017: A Woman’s Place

27 books finished in 2017

A friend was reading this at the beach, and she finished it the same time I finished whatever I was reading. So she loaned it to me. (The magic of beach reading.)

That feels like a million years ago and I sadly can’t remember much that was in the book (which is why I write these hot takes, so I can at least remember whether a book is something I’d recommend and/or read again).

The book is about Christian women and vocation, and ohhhh now that I flip through it and think on this, I remember a few interesting things. Like that in Greek mythology, women were the source of all evil, and that framework still seeps into our cultural consciousness in ways that aren’t always obvious. And the possibility that family-focused Evangelical language was a reaction to first-wave feminism.

I’m unable to recall this with any depth, but here’s a review/discussion if you want to hear more.

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