house/life updates

If you haven’t noticed, my “schedule” for these updates is totally dependent on a) when I think to pull out the camera and take some photos of the house and b) when I have my laptop near a wifi signal and remember to upload photos.

Which is the first life update – that I’m still internet-less at home. Have I mentioned that here? It’s been a bit of a social experiment, to see what my home life would look like unplugged. I thought it would only last the first month – which nicely coincided with Lent – but the superfast fiber internet that I’m waiting to be installed in our neighborhood is taking a bit longer than anticipated. (So, in addition to the social experiment, it was also a desire to have the best/newest technology, which is surprisingly affordable.)

Being unplugged has been mostly good. No more middle-of-the-night shopping. Less Facebook. Those are both hugely positive! I missed watching movies and television online, though breaking my addiction to mindless binge watching was one hoped-for outcome.  But then I realized that a moderate amount of mindless entertainment was a good way to keep me from obsessively working on projects, and wearing myself out. The workaround is that I bought a kindle fire – I can pre-download shows/movies onto this device somewhere with internet, then watch them at home.



Things to notice:
-I finally made some coasters! From one of my first quilt samplers, which I’ve been carrying around for quite some time now. (The fabrics are leftover from my Hex Quilt.)
-Those two pillows on the right are going to be covered in something neutral. I love having some pops of color/pattern, but those two are just a smidge too much. (I just recently decided this, so stay tuned!)
-The coffee table base is no longer filled with quilts, because I SOLD A BUNCH OF THEM! (For real – check out the online store.) It’s been very exciting to send my quilts to loving homes, particularly since those homes belong to dear friends. I also think it’s good for my creative mojo to have less inventory – I want to make new quilts to fill that space!


ONE of the quilts (which wasn’t even posted in the store, because I wasn’t willing to consider selling it) was traded for this giant painting from a local artist – I sent a crazy email suggesting the trade, and within a week we’d decided on the size/colors/vibe and she’d painted and delivered the work. As someone whose art takes MUCH longer to make, I must say I was impressed by that speed. As the owner of this painting, though, I am thrilled that it’s already mine!

That’s all for today!

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