finding new normal

First, confession time: I AM EXHAUSTED. Of course I am! I bought a house! And I furnished the whole thing, and painted the floors and some walls, and built bookshelves and furniture, and started up gardening like it’s not another whole hobby, and I have to find a handyman, and also realized that I forgot to take my car to the mechanic in 2016 (oops) so now on top of the short-term financial crunch of buying a house (which I planned for) I also have a few car expenses that should not be deferred. Isn’t it exhausting just READING that?


But I remind myself, daily, that “grace periods” are a real thing, and that I am living in one, which means I need to show myself a lot of grace. And if I’m being stubborn and not offering it, I need to TAKE it from myself.

What that looks like right now is paying a lot of attention to my energy and anxiety levels. Not scheduling too much on weeknights so that I have the option to climb into bed at 9:30pm (which is what I did last night). But also, remembering that I’m not an introvert, so being alone in a quiet house for a whole weekend isn’t exactly going to refill my tank.

I made a list of things that bring me joy, and it included: being outside (preferably among trees or near calm water), having good conversations with people who know me (aka people I can be my honest self around), moving my body so I don’t feel like a lump, cooking and eating good food, bringing people into my home (sharing what I have as a form of celebration/gratitude).

Turns out I managed to accomplish all of those things this last weekend, in ADDITION to holding a newborn, which is something that brings me much joy but isn’t on my default list (since the availability of newborns isn’t something I can predict/control).

Here are some photos from my house,  in the prepared-for-company state, plus some lovely views on a Sunday morning hike.



I pushed the dining table against a wall to maximize space for mingling.


These photos are merely proof that I am still capable of baking delicious things.






One thought on “finding new normal

  1. I love this, especially the thoughts on grace, and taking it from yourself if you won’t give it. Good for you! (I’m so excited for you and your new home!)

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