42 books finished in 2016: Kindred

42 books finished in 2016

At this point, I am going to be sad when I run out of Octavia Butler books to read.

Unlike Lilith’s Brood which is a post-apocalyptic/alien story or Fledgling which is about vampires, Kindred could be described as historical fiction. Or perhaps I should say time-traveling historical fiction. So anyone who’s watching Timeless on television right now, you’re going to love this!

This book is a gut punch. A woman living in modern day is repeatedly pulled back in time to a slave plantation. Each time, her life becomes more deeply connected to those in the past. And as one would expect, each time a black woman returns to a slave plantation, her body and her life are increasingly abused and endangered.

One warning: this is fast-paced and intense, so you might end up reading it in one sitting.


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