Adventures in Humility

You guys. I start a blog series documenting my plants, share a triumphant story of keeping one alive, and then THIS happens.


That is every leaf on the croton, withered and dried and fallen off the branch.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened. I had moved the plant away from the window for a weekend, worried that it was getting too cold/drafty. But I placed it in the middle of the office, where it may have had more direct afternoon sunlight (the same direct afternoon sunlight that forces me to close the blinds every day). So it could have been that. Or it could have been that the cold air near the window had already hit the plant before I moved it.

Or it could be that it decided to drop these old leaves so it could focus all of its energy on the new growth? Those baby leaves still look like they’re alive. Of course now the plant has the pitiful look that I was trying to avoid, so I’ve grouped it with a few others – away from the drafty window, away from that afternoon sun – and I’m going to wait and see what happens.

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