25 books finished in 2016: Scary Close

25 books finished in 2016

So I’m sitting at home discussing relationships with a housemate – specifically how I think every successful relationship is nothing short of a miracle – and she says, “You need to read Scary Close. I want you to read Scary Close. I don’t own it, but I want to buy it RIGHT NOW so I can loan it to you.” I laughed at her and tried to talk her out of such absurdity, but she would NOT be persuaded. Our conversation had to stop so she could run to the local bookstore and purchase the book.

It was only appropriate that I read most of this book in one sitting, the same night she brought it home.

Donald Miller disclaimer: I both enjoy his confessional, relatable writing style AND find his name dropping and self-depreciation to be exhausting. This book, thankfully, lived mostly in the vulnerable, confessional, “let me tell you about this particular failure of mine and the things I have learned on the path toward healthy relationships” realm.

finding that place where
emotionally healthy
relationships live


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