24 books finished in 2016: The Bluest Eye

24 books finished in 2016

Have you noticed that I am FULLY on Team Toni Morrison at this point? Because I am, and now I can’t get my hands on her books fast enough.

Thank you to the friends who loaned this book to me when I was losing it over the ghost in Beloved, for KNOWING that I would need to read another book of hers IMMEDIATELY.

Another amazingly creepy book right here. Which basically starts with, “Hey sister, remember that summer our flowers didn’t grow and Pecola was pregnant with her daddy’s baby? That was One Crazy Summer.” I love the boldness of that, the confidence that she doesn’t have to build up to a terrifying reveal, that she can tell us FROM THE BEGINNING what horrors we are going to face, and then show us how to have compassion for every single person in the story.

innocence stolen
a broken way of living
all that they can claim

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