Week Whatever, Me Made May 2016

Despite the week name, I’m still feeling pretty pumped about Me Made May. It’s fun to bust out and document all of my handmade clothes (at least, to document them, since I wear most of these clothes regularly), and I love the sewing mojo it brings.

Day Twenty-Three
Final(ish) week of #memademay2016 and I'm finally wearing all of my woven dresses. Spoiler: they're all basically the same pattern, copied from an old dress, smushed with some pieces of the #peonydress by @colettepatterns. This is sleeveless, and the fabr

This might be the first day of the month I’ve worn something non-stretchy, which is hilarious since I only started sewing in knit (aka stretchy) fabric in the last few years.

More details about this dress – and the next one – in last year’s weekly recap.

Day Twenty-Four
Round two, with sleeves. Overcame my fear of ridiculous prints after spending some time in London a few years back. This version is MOSTLY #peonydress by @colettepatterns but the back is self-drafted with a lower scoop. #memademay2016 #mmmay16

Sidebar: this was also a week of breaking in some crazy sandals! I am totally digging them, but not digging the blisters. (I need to break them in more slowly.)

Day Twenty-Five
Pro-tip*: I usually take a few goofy face photos so I actually look relaxed in smiley shots. Today, the goofball wins. Wearing a dress I made for a wedding last year. I never blogged about it and forget most of the details. Bodice is #V9100 and the skirt

THIS DRESS! I might be posting it for the first time on this blog. I made it for a friend’s wedding last July – she told bridesmaids to wear a navy dress, and I had a LOT of fun dreaming up variations. The bodice is Vogue 9100 (with many, many drafts made up before I was satisfied, but I’d never done alterations on princess seams before) and the skirt is PROBABLY borrowed from the Colette Peony.

I sewed it up in a cotton lawn, and lined it with something silky, and this dress is SO COZY. (Except for the fact that it isn’t made of a stretchy fabric.)

Day Twenty-Six
Every time I wear this dress, I wonder if I should shorten it. But I LOVE the swingy skirt! The top is based on a #Nettie and the skirt is a lengthened Lady Skater, because I am entirely unoriginal when it comes to skirt silhouettes. #mmmay16 #memademay20

THIS dress was my first attempt at a navy bridesmaids dress, which IS made from a stretchy fabric. I used a scuba knit, which gives it that fun shine (and it has a nice heavy weight), but ultimately it felt too casual for a wedding. So I went back to the drawing board, and let myself wear this on a regular basis.

The bodice is…a hacked Nettie? Probably. And the skirt is totally from the Lady Skater.

Day Twenty-Seven
#memademay2016 #mmmay16 Same pattern as Tuesday.

Compare this to the 2014 photo. Because I’m too lazy to give some more details. And also because I want to celebrate how unruly my hair has become.

Day Twenty-Nine
A little #memademay2016 catch-up. It's difficult to take photos of oneself in spandex for posting online, but I couldn't be happier about never needing to try on or buy bike shorts again because NOW I CAN MAKE MY OWN! #mmmay16

Y’all. These shorts. Make me so happy. They are long enough. And high-waisted enough. And I made them out of some high-performance fabric. And they are magical and I’ll never have to shop for workout shorts EVER AGAIN. (Unless I decide I hate wearing this bike-short style, but it’s unlikely.)

These are my Espresso Leggings, shortened, and modified at the waistband a bit (I folded it over itself so that I have a nice wide elastic-less situation).

Day Thirty-Two

WHAT? The month is over? I don’t care. I just needed to show off this silky tank-top that is the (almost) final draft of the tank I’ve been trying to perfect all month. (So much better than Day Fourteen, right?)

Day Thirty-Seven
Confession: I haven't stopped taking outfit shots.

Ha ha ha. I can’t stop. I literally can’t stop.

This dress, I’ve officially decided, is dead to me. The fabric, and the drapey skirt, are still awesome, but the neckline is so wonky. My pose is seriously distracting from how floofy the top is, so you’ll have to trust me.

The real question is whether I should chop this up and wear the skirt by itself OR use the fabric to make another tank top.


I Me-Made it! Okay, I didn’t technically document every day, but I think I wore (or re-wore) something me-made every day of the month. And I continued to critically assess my wardrobe, which is one of the major takeaways for me. AND I think I’ve been slowly convincing more friends that a handmade wardrobe is awesome (duh) and achievable (trust me).

To Make:
-more workout shorts
-more tank dresses (because I’ve actually pulled that gray one out of the dirty laundry pile, and also catch myself wearing it as a nightgown)
-A few more challenging items, so I have something to show off next year.

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