Me Made May 2016

Warning: this is the time of the year when my blog turns from sporadic book reviews to nearly-constant postings about my handmade wardrobe! It will only last a month – and maybe not even that long  (because I never even posted a report from my final week of Me Made May 2015).

For reference, here’s my 2014 pledge, and my 2015 rationale for doing this again. I’m totally boring and not altering my intentions very much, though I should add that I think this challenge is inspiring for friends who don’t sew, or who are just starting to sew. (Particularly because it was a non-sewing friend who asked, last month, if I’d be participating again.) My hope is that, by being somewhat normal about wearing handmade clothes, while celebrating the simple wins and being honest about the more challenging makes, I can show that making your own clothes is neither impossible nor inaccessible.

Pulled all of the handmade pieces together, so I know what I'm working with. Biggest challenge might be coming up with an excuse to wear that shiny one-sleeved top I made for NYE. 🎉

Also, I love the burst of sewing mojo that comes with the challenge – I always have a running list of wardrobe staples I want to sew, or new patterns I want to test, and having the chance to share them during MMMay is a great incentive!

There's been a lot of this happening. #sewingupastorm

One thought on “Me Made May 2016

  1. Fun! I like this month on your blog. Makes me want to learn to sew. Makes me want to commission you to make half my wardrobe. Makes me think you are one awesome lady.

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