13 books finished in 2016: The Lowland

13 books finished in 2016

tale of two brothers
though their paths separate, they’re
still tied together

I’m having a difficult time remembering how this book ends. Which makes sense, because most of what happens in the story is small, nuanced. We spy on the thoughts/fears/struggles of three generations, mainly focused on characters that are highly intelligent and emotionally closed-off. If I were to interpret the cultural difference I felt while reading, I’d say, “This is a book about academics” instead of, “This is a book about Indian immigrants.” Though, perhaps I don’t know enough about Indian culture to understand those distinctions.

I didn’t dislike the book, but it was filled with this tension of unspoken things, and that tension tends to rub me the wrong way – I want to ruin the story by pausing and sending everyone to counseling so they can learn how to have healthy, productive conversations.

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