9 books finished in 2016: The Power of One

9 books finished in 2016

that was misleading
airplane on the book cover
never in the book

I tried to come up with a haiku that had something to do with the book, but A LOT HAPPENS.

This book is wonderful, and it was recommended to me by a dear friend when I asked, years ago, on Facebook, for everyone’s favorite book. (It was possibly 7 years ago, which gives an accurate sense of how high my books-to-read piles have grown.)

It’s set in South Africa before apartheid, and it’s fascinating for the complex distinctions and definitions of races during that time and place. My only criticism would be that the protagonist is unbelievably guileless and faultless, but the story is so enjoyable that I didn’t mind.

One thought on “9 books finished in 2016: The Power of One

  1. Ooooooh THAT MOVIE. It may have been as long ago as high school that I watched it. I loved it. Will now very likely read the book. (Why did I never think of that before?)

    Have you read Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country?

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