3 books finished in 2016: The Forgotten Seamstress

3 books finished in 2016

sewing book club choice
includes this epic plot point:

That’s right. TWO BOOK CLUBS this year! (I might join another. I realized that, as much as I enjoy reading at my own pace, I learn so much more when discussing books with others.)

This one is formed by Colette, a great online resource for a modern sewer (they have patterns, sewalongs, a monthly publication, etc, etc). They announced this book club on their blog and I purchased the book immediately! I picked it up for something light and accessible after finishing Cane, and ended up starting and finishing it in the same night. (I love when that happens. It can’t happen too often, because I love sleep more, but it’s lovely to get lost in a book.)

And one fun note: the quilt in the background of this picture is the first I ever made – though, to be fair, my neighbor did most of the work, but I remember dying the fabric on her front sidewalk, waiting for them to be washed, and then learning how to chain piece in her sewing room one summer during my childhood.

One thought on “3 books finished in 2016: The Forgotten Seamstress

  1. I read this book when I first came across it. It really is a can’t-put-down book, and I enjoyed it a lot. Without giving away any spoilers, I had lots of questions about the plot & characters.

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