24 books finished in 2015: The Crossroads of Should and Must

Psst. I’ve got a bit of a bottleneck with these Books Finished posts. It’s the haikus. I’m calling it a haikuttleneck. And since I just googled that word and found NOTHING, we should probably create a product or service with that name because it’s VERY fun to say out loud.

AND now that I’ve said all that, here follows a haiku and photo and review for this book. With, hopefully, many more to follow:

this was beautiful
I’m sure I’ll read it again
at the next crossroads

24 books finished in 2015

I discovered Elle Luna through The Great Discontent. I follow her instagram feed specifically because she challenges my status quo – she’s chasing her dream and doing art in BIG ways and it reminds me that this is something that I could do if I ever felt like it was necessary.

So, after seeing so many pages from this book, I finally bought it to enjoy the full story.

The book itself is beautiful – she painted the pages, so it’s a visual treat as well as a manifesto. Here’s the blog post that inspired the book, if you’re interested.

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