18 books finished in 2015: The Brothers Karamazov

18 books finished in 2015

That Karamazov
sure was an awful father!
Also, things happened.

I bought this book, and probably started reading it, way back in August of last year. I knew it would be a slow read, but still put it down many times. One problem was that I read it on my kindle, and long, rambling paragraphs would last for pages and pages on that device, and I’d often fall asleep before the end of a section. Then, the next night, I’d have to backtrack to the beginning, because I had completely lost the train of thought. Maybe this just isn’t a bedtime reading book? I do know that, once I committed to reading it in longer sections during the day, I made more progress.

Thoughts? I don’t have many. I feel like it was too much book to process. I even wrote to a friend – an English scholar/teacher – and asked him what to think. He sent me a number of response papers written for a graduate course on Dostoevsky, and I realized that this is a book that might require deeper study. (Perhaps I’ll have to audit that Dostoevsky course next time it’s offered. How nerdy would that be?)



One thought on “18 books finished in 2015: The Brothers Karamazov

  1. Good for you for finishing!! I set down the book a couple months ago and haven’t been able to bring myself back yet. I’ve enjoyed (most of) what I’ve read, there’s just. so. much.
    I keep needing a break from it, but I’m confident that I’ll finish eventually.

    Perhaps I should look into some research/deep study of it — a Dostoevsky class would be incredibly helpful (nerdy yes, but probably great too).

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