15 books finished in 2015: A Moveable Feast

15 books finished in 2015

I still don’t get it.
Hemingway is exhausting.
He overthinks things.

Y’all, I keep trying to give Hemingway a chance. But look at that angry face! I can just tell he’s judging me.

He says a few things that are really profound in here, but…it reminds me of a Kanye quote I’ve shared here before, about how everyone is probably working hard, but with some people, the work is much more visible. With Hemingway, I almost feel like he’s reveling in showing us how difficult it is for him to write. Like, his pride is less in the creation but in the torturous work of creating it.

Also, this version had a strange final chapter that printed MULTIPLE DRAFTS of the same work, which AGAIN emphasized how much Hemingway LABORED over the perfect wording of everything. Maybe this is refreshing for authors, to see the process?

I still have a few of his books to read, the most popular ones. I’d like to get through them, but I’m beginning to wonder if Hemingway is just Not For Me.

2 thoughts on “15 books finished in 2015: A Moveable Feast

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who feels this way about Hemingway! I really didn’t enjoy A Moveable Feast at all, it dragged so much for me. Conversely tho I really loved The Old Man & The Sea. *throws hands up*

    I think I prefer his shorter works to the longer ones. Less room for needly blundering.

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