Days 15-21 of Me Made May

#memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 15 – This is my snow day dress. McCall 6465. I don’t know why I haven’t made more of these! (Probably because I am afraid to buy nicer silk fabrics, which is what makes this delightful.) I’m tempted to make this in a knit fabric, but I think the casual shape needs a fancier fabric to ensure I’m not just wearing a nightshirt in public.

#memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 16 – Another dress that is ridiculously simple, awesome because of the drapey fabric (this one is a polyester, I believe), and begging me to make another. In the next version, I really want to figure out how to enclose the elastic waistband – this one is just sneakily made with narrow elastic and my widest zigzag stitch.

#memademay15 #mmmay15 (saving those knit tops for another day)
Day 17 – Burda 7798, which I made four or five years ago and keep telling myself to replace. (The cotton is always wrinkly, though insanely soft at this point. The fit is terrible – and I finally made adjustments to it last year, but haven’t successfully made a replacement dress.) This dress is heavily worn and well-loved.

Same bodice (self-drafted) as Days 3 and 6 and 12. Colette Peony sleeves and skirt. #memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 18 – It’s a pink dress/peony mashup, the same as my Day 3 dress but in a very different fabric.

Faceless Wonder Woman pose because I could only make weird faces at the camera today. #memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 19 – Same bodice as above, but with an attempted v-back and a quasi-straight skirt. This was made on a whim from some quilting cotton in my stash, and it turned out so much better than anticipated.

I only made the skirt, but when I tucked in the top it was obvious that I should see them together one day. Dresses are so much less effort in the morning! #matchingishardwork #memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 20 – Self drafted knit skirt. I tucked in my tank top midway through the day and realized that I could REALLY get into a two-tone knit dress. Adding that to the infinite list of potential projects.

Made the shirt. The skirt was converted from a dress (chopped off the top, added elastic waistband). #memademay15 #mmmay15
Day 21 – Same shirt pattern as Day 14, which makes for an interesting comparison. The bra I’m wearing in THIS photo is the one I drafted it with, and it looks much more natural with this than the other (also, I ironed this shirt). Thanks, Me Made May, for helping me realize that I should be pairing these things better! (Also, wow, a good reason to think about the undergarments you’re wearing when making pattern adjustments.) This skirt is an old maxi dress that I converted into a skirt – chopped off the top and added an elastic waistband.

Week Three Summary Hey! One more week! I did some frantic sewing over the weekend, partially because I’ll be in the woods for a big chunk of the next week-plus, and it’s not wise to hike in short cotton dresses. (I mean, I could have made it work, but I prefer to NOT look like a crazy person, if I have the option.) So my life, and wardrobe, has been supplemented with the softest, most delightful bamboo jersey shirts. I haven’t even worn them yet, but I’m already itching to buy some more fabric.

Inspirations (garments I want to make):
-another snow day dress
-another elastic waist dress
(Both of these will be dependent on finding the right fabric, so I’ll be sure to write down yardage and shop with some intention while on vacation.)
-a new, better-fitting version of Burda 7798 -perhaps a two-tone knit dress?

Any other thoughts?
Hmmm…I had to write out the rest of the days of the month and compare it to what was still unworn. I’ll make it through the month without repeats. Of course, after I realized that, I wondered whether that should have been my goal – to make enough things to wear a different one each day. (It wasn’t my stated goal, but it must have been a motivating factor.) Really, the most useful part of MMMay is that it helps me to evaluate my wardrobe and think about what pieces are most loved and most worn, and to plan my sewing projects in a way that continues to move in that direction.

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