Days 8-14 of Me Made May

Let’s look at some photos!

This skirt. #memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 8 – Self-drafted knit skirt. After making the Nettie, I realize that this could handle more negative ease. But it’s super-comfortable as is.

At the beach for a few days. Wore this Plantain Tee for driving down and the first of many long walks on the beach. #memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 9 – Dark purple plantain tee. This was my first, made in a bamboo knit, I believe. It’s so delightful. Wore it to drive to the beach.

When I wasn't wearing a bathing suit, I put on this Nettie tank top in a crazy textured knit. #memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 10 – Beach living continues. Confession: I have meant to make a bathing suit for the last year. I have some fabrics and some lining, and even have a pattern (plus an old suit that was ripped apart for research), but it still hasn’t happened. So on a day when I was mostly on the beach, this tank top (a modified Nettie, made last week) was what I wore when taking breaks from the sun.

What I wore yesterday for a rainy morning at the beach, for driving the empty roads, and for lounging with @rebeccadesigns in Raleigh. #memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 11 – Rainy day at the beach. Then driving all afternoon. This is my favorite Lady Skater – the heather brown is a lovely neutral, and this fabric feels like terrycloth inside. Forgot to take a photo of myself wearing it, but here’s one for reference.

#memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 12 – A knit version of my favorite woven dress pattern, this is a bit too loose in the bodice (perhaps a theme with self-drafting with stretch fabrics is lack of negative ease) but it’s still a summer staple.

Since I didn't change out of pajamas today, and none of those are made by me, here's something else: two journals decorated. One is practically full, but was left blank for way too long. The other is on deck for summer and beyond.

Day 13 – I never changed out of my pajamas, and though I have patterns for some simple pajama shorts, and a promise/threat to myself that I cannot replace my current pajamas with anything store bought, it hasn’t happened yet. So I didn’t wear anything handmade. But I DID decorate two journals, which counts for something. (Right?)

WRINKLES! (I still wear this shirt, and it's blue twin, all the time.) #memademay15 #mmmay15

Day 14 – Yes, I probably SHOULD re-make this shirt in something less wrinkly. I’ll add that to my list, but will probably keep wearing this until that happens.

Second Week Summary

Halfway-ish, and I’m feeling the pros and cons of this endeavor.

Cons: selfie fatigue has set in, which isn’t as rough as is was last year since I’m not aiming for a standard pose each day. Vacations definitely throw off the rhythm, but I love vacations so I’m not REALLY going to complain about it.

Pros: Lots of sewing motivation! Fun conversations with a lot of real world friends about the project. Continued assessment of my wardrobe, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Garments made this week: none (yet) but I have purchased some jersey fabrics and they will be turning into tank tops and t-shirts this weekend so I have things to wear in the woods!


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