Doing this Me-Made-May thing again.

Looking at my wrap-up from last May, I realize that it was good for my handmade wardrobe in two specific ways.

First, it motivated me to sew more casual clothing – a few simple separates, a few t-shirts, a pair of leggings. Though I’d known of the too much frosting, not enough cake concept before last May, and I’d been considering how it should influence my sewing, I wasn’t really motivated to make wardrobe staples until I tried to wear handmade clothing every day.

Second, it helped me to cast a more critical eye on my handmade wardrobe, and after the month was over, I set aside a number of items – in my pile of things to be altered or re-used for their parts.

So, with those two things in mind, I decided to participate again this year. My main pledge is to wear something me-made every day and to document it in some way, for further discussion and consideration. I’ve been posting photos to instagram so far, and will probably keep that up as long as I can sneak in enough OTHER pictures to keep my feed from looking like a selfie-storm. And I’ll write some summary/review blog posts, sharing photos of each item here, mainly because I continue to have fitting and wardrobe planning notes.

One thought on “Doing this Me-Made-May thing again.

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