12 books finished in 2015: March

12 books finished in 2015

It’s interesting to have read this immediately after The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. In Wildfell, a character makes incredible difficult, unpleasant choices and is praised for having strong character. (My criticism is that her choices seem unrelatable.) In this book, characters reveal themselves to be selfish and lacking any self-control, which I believe is supposed to make them more relatable to the modern reader, but instead leaves me with a real sense of disappointment.

those Little Women
might never hear these stories
from the Civil War

Some time has passed since I started this review, and in that time I viewed the 1994 movie version of Little Women. (Crying Claire Danes! Precocious Kirsten Dunst! CHRISTIAN BALE!) It was definitely interesting to consider what their father was doing while he was away, and how difficult it was for him to write such pleasant letters. So, overall, I liked what this book tried to do, but I disagree with some of the choices the author made.

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