sewing patterns from the 90s – part 3

Life update:
-I’ve thrown away two dress patterns since blogging about them. (Butterick 6404, aka the denim dress pattern, I couldn’t bear to toss just yet. I have no plans for it, but I couldn’t let it go.)
-I pulled out Butterick 6534 (aka the audrey dress) and started drafting some new pattern pieces for the bodice. I even made a muslin! I want to continue down this road, and re-draft pattern pieces for the whole dress. Hopefully, at the end, I’ll not only have a great pattern for cotton sundresses, but I’ll also know whether it could be bridesmaid-worthy in a more luscious fabric.

Now, let’s see what else is hiding in the pattern archives…

Vogue 7301

It’s Charlie’s Angels! (The McG remake, obviously.)

Not included in the pattern: any of those tops. Or the kitten heels.

Fun fact about this pattern: I cut out all of the pieces for the middle option, but never got around to sewing them up. By the time I thought about it, they were the wrong size. (Too small.)

I’m tossing this one. Not only do I have no interest in the style of these pants, I would have cut (not traced) the smallest pattern size, and I know that I’ll never be that size again.

Vogue 7280

Not included in the pattern: the bandeau-bra as shirt, the tank top, or the modest t-shirt. Please note the stunning variety of footwear on these models. AND THAT BROWN LIPSTICK!

This was obviously purchased in my wannabe hippie phase. I don’t think I’ve attempted to make any of these skirts. When I look at them now, I am mostly overwhelmed by the number of panels I would have to cut and the number of seams that would need to be sewn. (Which, now that I think of it, is a common theme in sewing patterns I purchased in the 90s.)

I’ll hold onto this, but loosely. If I don’t find a reason to make a knee-length version of one of these in the next year, it’s going to be tossed.

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