a list of sorts

Once upon a time, my blog was full of lists. Of course, this was back in 2002-2003, when my blog was a xanga site and my life was consumed with questions about what I wanted to do with my life (zomg graduating from college) and what I needed to accomplish on any particular day (aka: Learning to Adult). It was literally nothing but lists.

There are a few lists living on this version of the blog, but most of them, if I’m honest, live in email drafts to myself. Millions of emails to myself, over the years. Lists seem far too mundane to share with other people.

[Speaking of mundane, I’ve already said “lists” so many times that it is an nonsense word. Lists, lists, lists. LISTS! (No wonder I only post things in strictly structured formats – my unfiltered thoughts veer into absurdity.) (And interruptions.)]

But I love reading the mundane things on other blogs. I love being invited into their processes, instead of being presented with a fully-formed creation. I want to learn how to think alongside other people, to think about things the way they do, to try on their brains for a moment and figure out if my brain could benefit from their practices.

So, here’s a list of things that I tend to talk about with myself. And a vague intention to talk about some of them (speak up if you have any preferences) on the blog.

[I’ve done this vague intention thing before, perhaps around a New Year (yep), and I don’t believe much developed from it (nope). The blog isn’t the boss of me, but merely, to quote my old tagline, “the thoughts that fall out of my head.” So let’s just see what happens.]

-Budgeting! You guys, I am OBSESSED with my budget, and in the most surprisingly positive way! I can’t stop talking about my budget, and how fun it is, and how freeing it is, and how EMPOWERED I feel now that I finally have the tools to be in charge of my money. And…I never ever EVER thought I’d be this person. I used to be the person who “focused on money stuff” maybe a few times a year, and felt so much sadness and confusion and shame and…just avoided it. Always. Thinking about money brought up feelings of inadequacy and shame that I wasn’t doing better. So I want to let everyone know, in more detail, that YOU TOO CAN BE EXCITED ABOUT YOUR BUDGET. If you don’t want to wait for me to get my act together and talk about this more, check out this awesome software, sign up for their 9-day email course (which explains their budgeting guidelines, and sets you up to understand the software more intuitively), and try the software and app for a 34-day trial if you’re not entirely sold. Once you’re mildly convinced that it is awesome and will change your life, use this referral link to save yourself $6 on the software (I also get $6 in my pocket for sharing). Oh man. I could keep talking about this right now. I could go on. MULTIPLE friends have experienced my gesture-filled ravings about how much this software has changed my relationship with money.

-Budgeting. That rant wasn’t really what I’m emailing myself about. It’s more, like, ideas for how to maximize what I earn, how to keep focused on my priorities, how to motivate myself to save and to talk myself out of impulse/comfort purchases. So, life planning goals-type lists. Those are the content. I’m just stunned that I feel confident enough with my baseline budget (after only a few months using YNAB) to make adjustments like this.

-Capsule Wardrobes. I know! This is all over the internet lately. It’s very much the trendy thing to do. Please allow me this hipster moment, to mention that sewing bloggers have been thinking and talking about it for the past year. Maybe longer. I might finally have some thoughts worth sharing. (One of them – spoiler alert – is that planning a capsule wardrobe is VERY SIMILAR to planning for a multi-week vacation. My Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe is eerily similar to my June 2014 in Europe Packing List.) Though really, now that I think about it, aren’t Capsule Wardrobes just a variation of Wardrobe Remixes? Do we have to find new and interesting approaches every few years? I don’t know if I want to blog about something so trendy, but I should at least admit that I’m thinking about it. A lot. And trying to use those concepts to direct my sewing plans.

-Obsessive research on the confusing interpersonal dynamics of romantic relationships. Wait. No. I’m NOT going to share that publicly. Unless, you know, I happen to read a BOOK on the topic and have to admit it to the blog. (But maybe if you want my advice or some resources, know that I love trying to think my way out of a complicated relational scenario. And then we can talk about how maybe thinking about it isn’t nearly as effective as discussing it with whomever you’re in a relationship with.)

-Sewing! Things I’ve made. Things I want to make. Things you want me to make? Patterns I own and reasons why I should get rid of them. Patterns I own and reasons why I should get over my fears of buttonholes and just make something already. Maybe this is the rationale I have for talking more about capsule wardrobes. Maybe I should remind myself that clothing doesn’t have to be frivolous, but is a valid art form, and a very real tool for expression of self. And it’s totally Pioneer Bad-Ass to make your own clothes, and isn’t Pioneer Bad-Ass one of my personal benchmarks for whether something is worth pursuing?

Okay, that’ll do. And since I hate text-only posts, here’s a photo of what I look like this week.


I know! My hair IS getting long! I’ve been growing it ALL WINTER!

One thought on “a list of sorts

  1. 1. Budging scares me– so the fact that it’s occupying such positive space in your head is admirable. Tell me how to do budget things!

    2. Heck yes to the sewing lists. Bring them on please.

    3. Oh, dynamics of romantic relationships. I want to take you out to coffee and scheme up the most complicated scenarios to dish about.

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