1 book finished in 2015: The Power of Vulnerability

Hey! It’s a new year! I’m still tracking my books finished! This would be the time to decide if I’m changing things, wouldn’t it?

Well, the first intention is that 2015 is going to be filled with more audiobooks! For starters, I’m trying to transition my craft-time entertainment from television shows to audiobooks – this might not work out, but I’m hopeful. Also, I anticipate many weekend roadtrips this year, so I figure I’ll fill that time wisely. Though really, what did it for me is realizing how delightful audiobooks are. I’m sure there are a LOT of duds, but for an extrovert who loves hanging out with people and hearing their ideas, listening to someone talk for hours is SO invigorating!

Second, I’m going to bring back the haikus! Even as I write this, I’m cringing – the practice of writing them is awkward and weird and often adds another delay between reading and posting – but when I look back, they’re a succinct and accurate representation of the book, and MUCH more useful than my usual blathering about how much I enjoyed the book or whether I identified with the characters. So, 2015 Maggie, this is going to be difficult, but it’s worth the effort.

Welp. Here it goes…

1 book finished in 2015

For starters, nothing beats the summary on Audible:


  • Cultivating shame resilience—the key to developing a sense of worth and belonging.
  • Vulnerability as the origin point for innovation, adaptability, accountability, and visionary leadership.
  • Our emotional armory – how we use perfectionism, numbing, and other tactics to avoid feeling vulnerable.
  • The myths of vulnerability – common misconceptions about weakness, trust, and self-sufficiency.
  • Discovering your vulnerability armor – recognizing what makes us shut down, and how we can change.
  • The 10 guideposts of wholehearted living – essential skills for becoming fully engaged in life.
  • Six hours of stories, warm humor, and transformative insights for living a life of courage, authenticity, and compassion from Dr. Brené Brown.

Based on that, you either want to read the book or are running away screaming. Or both? Yeah, maybe both?

This would be a good place for the haiku:

learning to be wholehearted.
worth all the effort

If there was a way to create an animated gif that alternates between a question mark and a period at the end of that haiku, that’s what it would be. Y’all, this is GOOD STUFF. And it’s FREAKY SCARY. I have been processing it for a week, and am still processing two distinct ideas – one is the concept of foreboding joy (and the two suggestions: “soften into joy” and practice gratefulness) and the other is the distinct differences between shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment.

My only disclaimer about this is that you’re not going to want to listen to it alone. Or, maybe you want to listen to it alone, but then you’ll immediately want to process it with someone else. And then you have to buy CDs and burn a copy for them and wait for them to listen to it, and by the time that happens you’re probably going to have to listen to it again. (Not that I’ve thought through all of these logistics or anything.)

3 thoughts on “1 book finished in 2015: The Power of Vulnerability

  1. I was thinking about reading this book when I saw it mentioned in Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking (also another good book). Your enthusiasm for The Power of Vulnerability pushes my decision over, though.

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  3. After driving around the province Friday, I’m about halfway through (also: Brene and Tina Fey are great road trippers!). So many mmmhmm moments. So much processing – I know as soon as I finish I will start right over again.

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