35 books finished in 2014: The Sign of the Four

35 books finished in 2014

First, a confession: I was aimlessly searching for a book to read on my kindle, started reading one of the Sherlock books, and didn’t realize until about halfway through that I’d already read it. This year. In my defense, many of the stories were also used in the BBC television series, so I attributed the tinge of familiarity to that connection.

So, after reviewing my Books Finished List and deleting anything from my kindle that had already been read, I started this.

I’m in the middle of many formative books, so this is my recovery reading – something that keeps my mind engaged, but that I can consume quickly and without inner turmoil. (I can’t help being so dramatic. It’s winter. This happens when the nights are cold and dark.)

It was nice to have a book with just one story. The mystery was more complex, more layered. We were in many more locations, and met a lot of strange characters. This is the book where Watson falls in love, which was sweet. I’ll probably not read it again, but if you’re interested in some Sherlock stories, I think this would be a great place to start!

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