33 books finished in 2014: Yes Please

33 books finished in 2014

This was supposed to be my Thanksgiving roadtrip companion, but the wintry weather had other ideas. So I ended up listening to it in my room while catching up on sewing projects. It was great, and a different experience from watching television while crafting, so I might transition to more audiobooks and podcasts for future sewing times.

How was it? Feisty, honest, kind, funny, weird, crass, thought-provoking.

Amy Poehler mentions multiple times how much she hated writing a book, and I think the chaotic structure is evidence of that – had she enjoyed the work a bit more, it might have been more tightly edited or a more coherent narrative. I didn’t hate it, and she made me cry more than once (I did not expect so much honesty or vulnerability), but I probably wouldn’t purchase another book from her – which probably doesn’t matter, since I doubt she’ll write another.

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