32 books finished in 2014: Passion and Purity

32 books finished in 2014

I first read this book when I was in high school, and it was so interesting to compare the things that stuck with me from way back then (mainly how to be as holy/perfect/christian as possible, because I was a high-achiever) to what I got from it this time (mainly that life is tough, that trusting God is necessary, and that we’re all going to need a lot of grace and patience).

So maybe next time I have disdain for a book I haven’t read in 10+ years, I should reconsider.

Though, let’s not kid ourselves – Elisabeth Elliot is one tough cookie! She holds herself, and the rest of us, to a VERY high standard. This book tells the story of a relationship and answers questions about relationship, but it’s really a book about discipleship to Christ in the context of romantic relationships.

One idea I’ve referenced most often from the book, which can be applied in many other areas: When we want to seek God, He makes it easy. When we want to trust Him, He gives us the ability to do so. 

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