Owning the Conversation

[Trigger warning: all of these links are about sexual assault. Definitely not the norm for this blog.]

Our happy little town is taking a lot of heavy hits this fall. Or, perhaps more accurately, our entire community has been forced to acknowledge the secret things that have been happening all along. I’ve been impressed by the courageous way people have stepped into these conversations, demanding change, wanting to act, looking for better answers.

This list will only be a brief snapshot of what one person has seen written over the past few days. There’s so much more. More than we can engage with in a short period of time. But my hope is that there isn’t an expiration date for learning to be a better human, to become a kinder community, to listening to these voices. Students will leave Grounds for Thanksgiving, and will carry these conversations to other cities and towns, to other people who need to learn the same lessons. This isn’t a problem unique to our town, but right now we’re the center of a conversation, and I hope we can continue to speak with wisdom and compassion on this topic even when the spotlight has moved on.

A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA (the article that kicked off the larger conversation)

Universitybot Responds: Gang Rape as “Sexual Misconduct” (response from a professor to the initial statement from the President of the University)

Sexual violence and the law: what you need to know (written a year ago by one of the students interviewed in RS article)

A UVA Student Responds

Friends of rape victim comment on Rolling Stone article (local news story)

UVA Community reacts with shock and fury over Rolling Stone story on campus rape (Cville Weekly, whose cover story from a few weeks ago was related to this topic)

What one UVA rape victim wants you to take away from the Rolling Stone article (Cville Weekly speaking to one of the students interviewed by RS)

The student newspaper is totally crushing it:

What I didn’t know then (a frat party from a first-year woman’s perspective)

Inter-Sorority Council response

A few articles that friends and community members have shared in response to this particular situation:

A Tiny Police Department in Southern Oregon That Plans to End Campus Rape

Why Are So Many Boys Leaving High School Thinking Rape Is Funny?

35 Things We’d Better Tell Our Sons About Harassment, Assault, and “Boys will be Boys.”


More variations on the theme, from other places, from earlier dates (my list of links to share is over a month old now)…
Street harassment in NYC. Following-up with the creators. Continued commentary.

CONSENT BRO! (This is a great article, specifically about educating fraternity guys about what constitutes rape.)

One thought on “Owning the Conversation

  1. Thanks for sharing these articles; I just wrote about this today on my personal blog, actually. Will add a link to your repository here.

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