wine & wreath

When my friends Luke and Julia were planning their wedding last year, I met them at Rassawek Vineyard a few months before to help determine the ceremony location and event flow. Because the property is so extensive, and every building is SO COOL, we had a lot of tough choices to make. For proof, check out both of these links – their wedding photographs are insanely gorgeous, and I’m currently geeking out over the history of the¬†property and buildings. Neither of those even tell you about the tiny one-bed cabins scattered around the water and the treehouse/fort/lookout with a ladder built into the tree trunk.

So when Julia asked if I wanted to join her at Rassawek for a wine tasting and wreath making workshop last December, it was a no-brainer.















Everything was provided – wreath frames, greenery, embellishments, wine and snacks. Everyone was having fun and helping each other! It was one of my favorite holiday events, sweetened because I went out to the property early to take some product shots of my quilts.

I’m unable to attend this year, but there are still a few tickets left for the December 6th event. If you go, let me know! I’d love to see what you make.

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