Plantain Sweater

First thing’s first – it’s difficult to take flattering photos of a slouchy tee.

plantain sweater

I might try again, or recruit a friend to help, but just know that I’m obsessed with this sweater and will choose to believe that it looks less frumpy in person than in photos. Or that the frumpiness is part of the charm with this particular sweater.

(Or, we could just admit/discuss how difficult it is for a tall and curvy lady, whose wardrobe choices revolve around emphasizing her waist, to wear something loose and unstructured.)

plantain sweater


Things you can’t see in these out-of-focus shots:
-I haven’t finished the sleeve hems.
-Also haven’t tied off or trimmed any loose threads.

I “finished” this enough to try it on last night, and then was so thrilled that I forgot there were more steps to complete.

The base pattern is a Plantain Tee, with sleeves lengthened and bottom hem lowered for a hi-low (or mullet) effect. I also skipped the neckline facing, and just did a simple stitched foldover.

The fabric is a “sweater knit” of unknown origin – I can’t find it in my order archives, which makes me think it might have been part of a Fabric Mart bundle. I’ve only ordered one of their bundles, and was impressed with how well they matched my usual color palette. It’s very possible that the last two fabrics I’ve sewn clothes with (this, and a plaid dress that I haven’t shared with you) are from that bundle. (Maybe I should order them more often!)

For the next Plantain Sweater:
-Alter the pattern to make a crewneck, or at least a less dramatic scoop. I forgot that the sweater knit would have less recovery, and that means this will ALWAYS be something I have to wear a tank top under.
-Find a heavier fabric. I’ve already started a pin board of sweater knits (because of course I have), and most of them are fairly lightweight. Maybe this will do for winter – I’m already sweating in this, when layering with jeans and boots and a scarf and a warm coat – but I’d like to try something warmer, especially since I’m allergic to wool sweaters.

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