I made this for you!

Oh, friends, I should share these links more than once every two months. I have an email chain 62 messages long!

Though, to give an accurate picture of the process, here’s what six of those messages look like:

Screenshot 2014-10-22 08.34.09

(I have no idea what I meant by that Schrödinger’s Cat reference.)

Here’s the article that led to all of those ramblings. I love the way it ties something modern to something classic and leaves you wanting to read (or re-read) both. The Gawker Review of Books is a new-ish venture, and I would recommend staying away unless you want to be paralyzed by the number of great books you haven’t yet read.

Now…where do I start?

Roxane Gay released another book, and there were so many wonderful pieces and interviews released to promote it.
The Price of Black Ambition
The Books That Made Me Who I Am

How do you deal with the criticism, and how do you decide which notes to ignore?
I want to respond to things when they really hit me on a gut level. If you announce what your value system is and then your actions don’t necessarily align with it, like, you have got to hear [those criticisms]. That is calledgrowing, and I think if you are in touch with yourself, you can feel on a pretty deep, gut level when somebody points something out, and you can feel that you have betrayed your own sense of justice. And so if something hits me on that gut level, then I am going to respond to it, and I am going to respond to it as best as I can. People don’t want to look like hypocrites, they want to look like they are like perfectly considered in all their actions from morning to night. But I am just one person moving through the world, and the best that I can do is be open to change. I was a really stubborn kid, and I feel like I am, like, making my way out of that as an adult and doing it in a public way, which can be challenging. –from a conversation between Roxane Gay and Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham ALSO released a book in the past few months, and every interview I read increased my enjoyment of and respect for her.
Don’t Love or Hate Lena Dunham. Create More of Her.
Between Girls

Lonesome Road
Missing Church, Not Religion: Why I Read Marilynne Robinson

Somewhat related tale of homelessness and the church: Searching For Home

The Importance of Friendship Diversity – by Ann Friedman, who sends out a delightful and thought-provoking weekly email newsletter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What riding my bike has taught me about white privilege. (I may have posted this before. It’s worth re-posting.)

The Only One: A Talk With Shonda Rhimes
Related: 14 Incredible Web Series Created By and Featuring Black Women

When no gender fits: A quest to be seen as just a person. This is so well-written.


Are you still with me? Here’s a glimpse of fall in Virginia from a few weeks ago, on Cole Mountain. The views are spectacular.

Of course, this was OUR view from the top:

2014-10-12 11.47.01-1

It was still a good weekend.

Okay, back to the links.

-Abby Pratt touches on what’s happened in our small city and one way it’s impacting the residents. We’ve all got trust issues now. (I just want to give everyone a hug. I also want to live in a world where that instinct is a safe one.)
-My old housemate Ebony has been dropping truth on her blog about the work she’s doing in Richmond. You should probably read everything she writes.
Get That Life: How I Became an Urban Farmer – Kate Daughdrill isn’t local anymore, but we’ll always claim her as one.

Articles I found on the internet that talk about how the internet fails to connect us:
Using Technology to Connect
Forget Facebook, Abandon Instagram, Move to a Village

To Siri, With Love

A few interesting things happening in the garment industry:
closed-loop textile recycling
a garment made entirely from recycled cotton
“field to garment” movement

Something Borrowed, Something Blue – investigating the authenticity of the Madewell brand

And now we’re down the last few, which are completely unrelated but still worth sharing:

Don’t say goodbye. Just ghost. (I prefer ghosting – what about you?)

How to Be Polite. (Constant note to self.)

Put Yourself on the Pride Board (Remembering to encourage ourselves.)

Understanding Your Story with Dan Allender

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy (!!!)

A Better Way to Introduce Friends at Parties (Shoutout to people with boring jobs!)

And, finally, because the weather is getting cooler and I will always remember, fondly, the winter I finally fell for Wendell Berry: Faith and fears in Wendell Berry’s Kentucky

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