26 books finished in 2014: Speaker for the Dead

26 books finished in 2014

I’m in the middle of three books right now. This isn’t normal for me. I prefer to take them one at a time, but somehow I keep choosing books that are challenging. One of them is stories about the Rwandan Genocide, which means I can only bear to read a chapter at a time, if even that much. The other is The Brothers Karamazov, whose paragraphs are so long that they fill pages and pages and pages on my kindle, and sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of one, then pick up the book and can’t remember what’s going on, and have to backtrack through all of those pages to the beginning of the paragraph.  The third is a book I’ve been reading for at least a year now, about suffering, and I put it down back in the spring but picked up again last week.

So OF COURSE, since I’m in the middle of three books, I started a fourth. But how could I not? First, it was the results of a months-long search by some friends, in every used book store they visit (they visit a lot of used book stores). Second, it’s the sequel to Enders Game (review is near the bottom of that post), which some people say is equally as good and other say is EVEN BETTER!

They gave it to me on Sunday. I started reading immediately. I didn’t cancel any plans Monday or Tuesday evening, but I stayed up later than usual. And then, on Wednesday, I hit the point of no return and finished the book around 2am.

What did I think? EVEN BETTER! I still love Enders Game, but the themes of this book are much more aligned with the themes that I think and care about on a daily basis. It even aligns with a sermon series at our church this fall (a study of Ephesians, asking specifically, “How can the many live together as one?”) – what a fun coincidence!

Here’s a tiny introduction: in the world of these books a Speaker for the Dead is someone who spends time learning the story of someone, then publicly speaks the truth about their life, the good and the bad, as a way to  to bring closure to those left behind.

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