I made this for you!

It’s been a heavy couple of weeks, hasn’t it?

(I’ve been putting this off, waiting for the moment when there’s resolution or momentum in a forward direction or when we’ve all figured out how to get along…but it turns out that sort of moment isn’t going to happen after a couple of days. Do we even know if it could happen in our lifetime? Either way, let’s delve in.)

Let’s talk about race.

Men without a country.

To bind up the nation’s wounds.

The case for reparations. (Broken into sections so you can pace yourself.)

What I did after the police killed my son.

What policing looks like to a former investigator of misconduct.


Different rules apply.

Meanwhile, just outside of Ferguson…


So I started watching Land Girls recently, and not only is the show adorable, but somehow now I want to wear vintage coveralls.

If you’re in the market for non-toxic nail polish, look here.

Tavi is now an adult, and is going to continue to be more interesting than the rest of us.

10 things I wish I’d known when I started sewing.



Roxane Gay

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“If you call it a value but you don’t act on it, it’s not a value, it’s a conceit.”

John Oliver

Zozia Mamet

Andrew WK

Andrew Keegan (This list started with a theme, but there were a lot of random celebrity tidbits, and where could they go? This article is hilariously strange. You might be into that sort of thing.)


The infinite list.

If “well-read” means “not missing anything,” then nobody has a chance.

What if you woke up two hours earlier

Tricking yourself to do things.


When friends came to town, we ordered pizza. A lot. We watched the sunset and got ice cream at Nemo’s and nobody freaked out that there weren’t vintage postcards and little bags of old-fashioned candy on their nightstands like there used to be, back in the old years, when I was being very responsible.

Thoughtfulness, maybe?

Asking the right questions in relationships.


The scourge of relatability.

The Pope’s tips for a happier life.

Makers gonna make! (Mark your calendar for this local event.)


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