I made this for you!

Photo Now for the fun part.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, right? Well, since I still send myself dozens of links to articles I’d like to read/share/reference, and since I’m always thankful for the link sharing of others, I thought I’d bring it back.

File under: musicians being ridiculous/incredible.

Have you noticed that every time Kanye speaks he says things that come across as ridiculous but, after closer consideration, are profound statements about the human condition? Does a commitment to rap/poetry train the brain to succinctly summarize these complex yet universal problems?

This is my favorite quote (he’s talking about Jay Z)…

He’s the poster child of winning. And I think I was the poster child of, like, fighting and winning. But you always saw the fight. And with Jay, you always saw the win.

(I’ve started organizing musicians in my mind with economists, physicists, and philosophers aka People Who Think They Can Actually Find Answers to Everything.)

NEXT: Though I find Iggy Azalea fascinating, I’m really into Charli XCX right now.

File under: people doing amazing/mundane things and being inspirational.

I’d not heard of this photographer before his TGD interview, but I love his humility and his hustle.

Do you know who Emilie Graslie is yet? Have you seen any of her amazing Brain Scoop videos? Did you wonder how she ended up doing what she’s doing? Turns out she just followed her curiosity, with tenacity, and people/opportunities responded!

File under: random nerdy/intelligent things.

An essay about the history of smiling in portraiture. Also, if you’ve never heard of this website, which I hadn’t until recently, it is focused on celebrating works in the public domain, and asks experts to help them explore the collection. (Bonus: old timey animated gifs.)

Ayn Rand’s Harry Potter. They’ve been writing these for the whole HP series! I love how these absurd literary mash-ups help clarify themes. Mostly, I love the way intelligent humor helps me learn critical analysis.

File under: intentional awesomeness.

(I haven’t used that term in quite some time, but Andrea knows it’s always happening.)

The Importance of Spontaneity

Another local artist has challenged herself to make something every day for 40 days. She’s posting progress and challenging thoughts on tumblr. I love a shared process!

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