Me Made May 2014

I thought a wrap-up post would be nice, to figure out what worked and what didn’t work for me with Me Made May.



First, a few nitpicks: That one day without an outfit shot is annoying to me, but I’ve resisted the urge to recreate the outfit.

Also, this includes my June 1 outfit, snuck in on May 17th (third one down on the far right). I ended up going for a walk/hike with some friends on the 17th, which was the day when I realized I would need to make something other than a dress or skirt to wear in the woods.

Number of handmade items worn: 35.

Number of handmade items unworn: a few – I’ve already re-incorporated them in my wardrobe, so I can’t count, but there were two dresses, one dramatic skirt, and a few RTW-dresses-converted-to-skirts that I was willing to pull out if I ran out of clothes.

Number of items made during this challenge: 6

-Self-drafted knit straight skirt, worn on day 16. I wanted to improve upon the Day 9 skirt, which was made from a similar print.
-Plantain Tee in dark purple, shown on day 17, but worn on day 32.
-Lady Skater in blue, worn on day 18.
-Espresso Leggings, worn on day 26 and 31.
-Black knit cardigan, made from Plantain Tee with modifications, worn on day 28.
-Another self-drafted knit straight skirt, worn on day 29. (Same fabric as the cardigan worn the day before.)

What surprised me?

The power of sewing blogs to influence my projects and wardrobe. Everyone is obsessed with knits right now, and I definitely ended up on the bandwagon. I don’t regret it – the Lady Skater Dress, Plantain Tee, and Espresso Leggings have opened up a LOT of new handmade wardrobe options! I’d been wanting to focus on sewing more basics, but had been thinking in terms of woven fabrics (button-up shirt, well-fitted shorts/pants). Knits are so much more forgiving!

What do I want to make now?

For the immediate future, nothing. I’m about to leave the country, and won’t bring my sewing machine. (I’ll be carrying some hand-quilting work with me, in case the making energy is strong.)

I’d like to make some more Plantain Tees once I return, and maybe a sleeveless Lady Skater. But I’ll be returning to summer, which means my wardrobe will be loose, lightweight, and sleeveless until September.

Maybe I’ll return with fresh sewing energy and finally tackle the Archer button-up! I have the pattern cut out, and have a few cuts of chambray and flannel that need to be wearable by September or October.


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