Days 30-31+ of Me Made May

Hi! It’s June! I made it (heh) to the end of Me Made May!

What did I wear?


Since I didn’t get a good picture of this shirt on day 12, I wore it again, but paired with this self-drafted knit straight skirt.


Then I took to the woods for a weekend! My leggings, which you first saw on day 26, were the MVP of the trip, since I wore them around the campsite every night and even ended up sleeping in them! After a few days of wear, they’re slightly looser, and I found myself having to pull up the thighs occasionally.  I suspect this is because a) the waistband is SO HIGH and I used loose elastic for the waistband, and b) this is 4-way stretch, but the pattern calls for 2-way.


The t-shirt that I made specifically for this camping trip? I forgot to pack it. So I wore it on Sunday, which was technically June 1st, but I’m still going to count it.

Stay tuned for a wrap up of the whole month.

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