Days 26-29 of Me Made May

I had a moment of terror as I looked at the calendar to work out today’s numbers, which should be the days of the month. It wasn’t lining up, and I was about to go back and re-count every day until I discovered I was looking at the wrong month.

It’s all a blur. I’m so close to the end!



Last week, I got a bit frantic when I remembered there’s a camping trip coming up at the end of this month, and I probably should NOT wear a skirt in the woods! After some quick research, I found a free t-shirt pattern and a not-free-but-well-reviewed leggings pattern, which were added to my Memorial Day Weekend sewing queue.

These are the leggings, made out of a thick diagonal-rib knit, and thrown on immediately after completion for a happy dance (everyone else does this, right?). My favorite thing about them (other than the extreme custom fit) is how high-waisted they are – they probably come up to my ribcage, and were so snug that adding elastic wasn’t even necessary.

I only took one photo, and those sun spots and the weird hair and the chandelier sticking out of my head are meant to distract you from the fact that I’m wearing leggings as pants.


This is the very first version of the pink dress pattern, which due to a slightly snugger fit on the hip and awkward stretching of quilting cotton, makes me look moderately pregnant. It might be time to retire this one and set aside that fabric for an actual quilt.


What a palate cleanser! Now that I’m analyzing all my patterns to find the most flattering, I really am impressed by the sneaky-flattering waist gathers on the Colette Peony. This was my first version of the Peony, and you can’t tell from this photo, but the front bodice is a different fabric from the rest of the dress because I kept making minor alterations to the original. This dress gets the most unsolicited compliments, possibly because of the mis-matching fabrics.

(Since we keep talking about the horrors of quilting cotton, I should tell you this is made of sateen sheets, and it’s so silky and smooth and that’s my sewing tip for the day – buy high quality sheets when they go on sale!)


I didn’t plan on wearing a Peony two days in a row, but it was a sewing/wardrobe emergency. See, I made that cardigan last night, and it needed to be paired well. Want to see more?

Wait. Let me talk about this Peony – it was my second version, made of a lightweight cotton, and I think the main modification from the first was lengthening the bodice a bit. I don’t like the way this high boat neck always rumples, so I’ve not made another Peony bodice since – but the skirt is still magical.

Now, onto the cardigan:


This was a modification of the Plantain Tee (a free pattern, first attempted over Memorial Day Weekend, and I haven’t even shown you the shirt yet). It’s made out of a sturdy ponte knit. I cut the back as instructed, extended the sleeves past the 3/4 length, and the front? I set it as far from the fold as humanly possible, then drew a line straight out from the bottom of the pattern to the fold, then a slight slope from the top of the neckline to the fold. I stitched as instructed, cut the front fold, and then hemmed every open edge.


It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close, and it’s lightyears better than stupid M5241 (which, I’ve said before but it bears repeating – was nothing but a rectangle with sleeves).

Look at how well it wraps around me! I made this specifically for wearing on the airplane, since I’ll be flying to Europe next week and need to fall asleep in Toronto and wake up in Rome. Hopefully this cardigan will get me there.

2 thoughts on “Days 26-29 of Me Made May

  1. OK, coming out of blog lurking to say how impressed I am. I can’t imagine having one thing I made, much less an entire month’s worth of clothes. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cardigan. I have one that looks similar, and I wear it all the time, with everything. As I prepare to move into maternity clothes (yep, I’m pregnant!), I might have to commission one or two of those from you for fall in better colors than what I can normally find. Miss you Maggie and hope you are well! Have a blast in Europe.

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