Days 22-25 of Me Made May

Who’s tried to say Me Made May three times fast? How quickly did you start laughing? I do this every time someone IRL brings up this project.

We’re getting to the less popular handmade items in my wardrobe – things that I barely ever wear, or that were already set aside to scrap (but were pulled out to make sure I had thirty items for May).


This skirt might be the first thing I made with knit fabric. (It’s the same fabric as the Day 19 dress, so it’s a toss up between those two.) I think I simply traced the skirt of a maxi dress, then made a foldover waistband.

image image

This pattern is a mystery at the moment – I can’t find it in my usual storage locations. It is a v-neck (though my attempt fell short) with multiple shaping darts at the neckline and waist.

When this is hanging, neglected, in my closet, I usually blame the fabric (and the contrast waistband) for how seldom I wear it. But then, once I put it on and the day progresses, I realize that a not-well-fitted v-neck tends to be more low-cut than I like.


Enter the cardigan. Until I take a tailoring class and learn how to raise a neckline well, this might be a prime candidate for a skirt conversion.


I wore this to the CSA farm on Saturday, and immediately took it off and cut it apart. It’s a shapeless vintage pattern, and I might attempt to make this into a wearable top, but it also might merely be repurposed as scrap fabric.


This was a pre-muslin attempt at Vogue 8787. I love the full skirt and the pockets (though I don’t love how they break the skirt line). The waist was absurdly off – like two inches too wide, so I literally just folded it over and stitched it down, adding a big dart to the skirt and extending the seamline of the bodice. If I ever made this again, I’d probably remove the waistband, extend the bodice, and improve the fit with a FBA.


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