Days 17-21 of Me Made May 2014

The dress I made (and wore) over the weekend. #latergram #mmmay14 #ladyskater

On Saturday, I didn’t wear anything Me-Made, but I made this dress! I almost wore it to a party, but was invited to go for a hike instead, and I do NOT have any handmade shorts or casual t-shirts (which will become a problem at the end of the month, when I’m camping…unless I throw together a Plantain Tee before then)


Since the dress was still clean, I wore it to work on Sunday.

Have you bought a Lady Skater Dress pattern yet? Weren’t you won over by last week’s red dress? If not, I think this is a stronger argument. Differences between the two: higher neckline (because I messed up my first neckline and had to cut it out and re-make, a lesson that only had to be learned once), slightly higher waist (I shortened the bodice by an inch-ish), slightly longer skirt (actually 2-3 inches longer, but I was able to hem this version).

I LOVE THIS DRESS! I will probably wear it to pieces. Bonus: the fabric was reclaimed from an old convertible dress with a MONSTER circle skirt, so it was a zero-cost endeavor.

(Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this was taken later in the week, based on the state of the clutter behind me, and that’s because I was too busy managing an event to take a proper photo.)


Dress is my first knit version of the pink dress pattern, and yes, it’s still unhemmed and held together with safety pins at the top.

Cardigan is M5241 which I do NOT recommend you buy, because it has no fit and slides off the shoulders like they don’t exist. But, since I made it out of a fun heathered sweater knit, I still wear it, grumbling every time about the pattern and dreaming of the day I’ll rip it apart and remake it with some shoulder seams.

image image

More shots of the dress in action. And of me boxing up files!


This skirt – a simple, self-drafted wrap skirt made from a failure of a faux-wrap dress – begs the question, “Hipster? Or sister-wife?” I can’t ride that divide too often, but always enjoy it with this skirt. Also, it’s a dreamy soft knit, so I always feel like I’m wearing pajamas.


The top is a version of the ikat shirt that I cut from a trifted men’s shirt! The button placket is stitched together at the neckline, but not at the bottom, so I could technically unbutton and tie it at the back.


Oh hey! Another version of the pink dress pattern! I originally planned on wearing them all in a row (all 6 of them), but couldn’t bear the monotony.

We’re getting down to the dregs of my handmade wardrobe. It’s a lot of skirts (mostly made from cutting apart RTW dresses and adding waistbands), one fancy dress, a few maxi skirts, and a few dresses that are only hanging in my closet for Me-Made May, but would otherwise be in a box of Things To Fix.

Any predictions for what I’m going to sew over Memorial Day Weekend?

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